'Discontinued' Kits ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) [Announcements] (105)

By customer request, we have made a web page showing all of our discontinued kits: http://pictures.bountifulbaby.com/inventory/discontinuedkits.html You can also click any picture to see more information about that k…

Kits That Share Limbs [Announcements] (5)

As requested by many, here is a list of all of our kits that share limbs. The link below is a page that shows kits that share limbs. (This link is also at the bottom of our website.)

'Out Of Stock' Kits [Announcements] (3)

To view our Out-Of-Stock information, visit the below link (also found at the bottom of our website.)

Countries We Ship To [Announcements] (8)

The following link is a list of the countries currently ship to. (This link is also found at the bottom of our website.)

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