Update Front Page on Reborns

I hope this topic hasn’t already been started, sorry if it is.

Not sure if everyone noticed, but Dave updated the front page of the Reborns website. It now goes:

Featured Reborns
Artist Listed Reborns (formerly newly listed)
Pre-Owned Reborns
Featured Nurseries
Reborns Showcase (the section where your doll rotates around)
Alternative Reborns
Custom Made Reborns
Kits and Parts

So basically if you aren’t paying to feature, don’t have a newly listed baby, or aren’t selling a pre-owned baby you are down near the bottom of the page. Aren’t you paying your membership so that your baby can circulate the front page? How much good is it doing near the bottom? And shouldn’t newly made babies take priority over pre-owned ones? Nothing at all against pre-owned being sold on the site, but why don’t the new ones have more priority? And why would people care about seeing a bunch of nurseries over seeing babies listed for sale?


I noticed and I don’t like the changes. I don’t know why he thinks this is better. I’m of the mind that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. I think pre-owned should be a separate category altogether, just like alternatives.


I totally agree, someone new to Reborns in my opinion wouldn’t know all these different terms. And for me the real confusion is Artist listed dolls what the heck, he changed that from Newly Listed dolls that did get shown for maybe an hour after adding to the site. Now he has changed this to Artist Listed? Why? And now there are 3,640 dolls listed. In my opinion the only one that should be excited about that is Him!
Oh I wish we had a new site to sell.


I noticed that you can customize it as you wish.



Yes, you can customize but as mentioned a new buyer coming to the site is not going to do that right off. This is what is the first impression they will see.
IMO newly made babies should be at the top and pre-owned at the very bottom. I am not paying right now as I am on holiday break and only have 2 babies in my nursery so I can’t message about it on the chat portion. I do not like this new configuration at all though because now we all have to self advertise even more.


This site is changing so often it’s hard to keep up with. Sometimes the change is good and sometimes it’s only good for a few. It’s true that he will never make everyone happy, but it’s not great when the changes cause big upheavals. There are way too many selections and options now. It gets really confusing. So many time already I’ve seen people posting about what they can’t see and it is usually the cause of filters they have selected and don’t realize it.

I have nothing at all against pre-owned dolls but I do think that new babies should come before used ones. And I also think new babies should come before a list of nurseries.

Angie you are right, this change just makes you have to self advertise even more. I’m not sure it’s even worth paying a membership any more. I can post a baby for sale on Instagram. I’m not sure paying to have it listed on reborns to circulate on the bottom of the front page every few days for a few minutes is worth it.


I left a few years back when he got greedy with buying extra points to be on the front page for extra 24 h and when he changed the memberships.


One of my favorite thins about this site used to be the simplicity of navigating it. It’s way too complex, now, and I don’t think so much excessive filtering is helpful or necessary.


I quit paying for membership a long time ago on there. That site is way too crowded. Now it looks more like a flea market. I wish only new dolls were allowed.


I totally get that people sell from their collections, fine by me, whatever. I just don’t think pre-owned dolls should be featured and neither should their “nurseries.” I mean, it’s a site to sell reborns, yes, but it should be a site for artists to sell, not collectors. Artists should be featured, not collectors. People who are selling factory made dolls should find another venue, in my opinion.

However, I realize those collectors selling are also paying by the month, just like I am to list, and those monthly payments are Dave’s income so the more the better from his standpoint.

I appreciate his efforts in trying to keep the scammers and knock offs out, it takes vigilance on all our part to help with that.

I am truly amazed if one of mine sells anymore, it’s a miracle they even get seen. I think I could mark them down to ten bucks and it wouldn’t matter because no one’s looking. Gone are the days when there were only 900 actual reborns to choose from, before selling used and factory dolls were allowed.

Maybe he needs to start a separate site for those and let us get back to selling reborns, new ones. I really don’t think a random customer looking for a reborn will bother with all the filters and categories.


I have not listed since last spring. The dolls I have sold were sold directly to my clients. What is his reasoning for this change right before the holiday gifting season?

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Here’s his post from yesterday

It’s good having more pics showing, so I appreciate that.


Thank you. I guess I do not see this as cleaner myself. I do not like the featured artist section from a buyer’s standpoint. It is the baby that will attract me and then I will explore the artist, but maybe I am unusual.

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What are people on his Forum saying?

I don’t see how it’s being ‘cleaner’ when it looks so crowded and junky.
I only choose 3 check marks for myself.

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Wait a minute! I have to post a photo of myself to pay extra and list under featured? That doesn’t seem right and I don’t want a picture of myself on there. I also don’t like that the first thing you see is 2641 dolls on the site. I think it will be a deterrent to people even looking. The nursery list on the front page being gone will be, too. ‘Customize page’ is in small light print on the right. I didn’t even see it. We’ve been told about the changes but our customers haven’t. Simplicity in searching is key to sales. I feel like Dave’s just advertising how many clients he has without any increased benefit to us and I think he’s going to lose business because of it.

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Yeah, Except for the part where he took the members list off the right side of the page and added it as a whole category mixed in with the pictures on the front page :unamused: it now looks like this with preowned reborns, featured nurseries, and then reborn showcase. To me, this is what is backwards about the front page now


Yes… that is backwards…

And then even farther down after that, you have these three categories. So new alternatives are even less priority than used babies. :woman_shrugging: He doesn’t want a website where you advertise sales or discounts but he makes the used section top priority? That just doesn’t make sense to me.


The nurseries list isn’t even alphabetical. That definitely has to be changed. Nobody’s going to scroll through more than 600 dolls to find a particular nursery, especially if they don’t know which nursery they’re looking for. There’s way too many filters in every category. Dave needs to find another hobby.


I think it should say BRAND NEW JUST BORN babies