Quinbee by LLE

I finally finished Quinbee. Her hair took me forever. I was so glad when it was done. I’m posting her around Facebook for now. My new rule since the price increase on reborns . com is I must have two completed, and a third half way done before I sign up for a month.

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Beautiful! Love her hair!

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SO sweet!!!

She really is beautiful!

@anjsmiles @kareninflorida @cherielynn09 thank you so much!

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Beautiful Quinbee. I have completed 2 and I have one in my stash…

Beautiful! Love her skin tones! :heart_eyes:

She’s adorable!

She looks great! 🩷

@pia you really like this kit! @LisaLynn @Leabelle @YelenaRey thank you!


She is an absolute beauty!

She’s beautiful and let me say, you picked the perfect color outfit to show off her color!!

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Just Precious, Love that hair!

Gorgeous such beautiful hair

@rainbow @Evee @lynn @Kwinker Thanks. The hair is Silk Effex. It’s the first time I’ve ever used it, it’s really nice mohair.

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She’s AMAZING! I love her so much!

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She is Adorable! :heart_eyes:

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