Countries We Ship To

The following link is a list of the countries currently ship to. (CLICK the “Countries We Ship To” box below to see the page in a well-formatted manner)


hello BB
Would you please be so kind as to put my country in your system?
I live in Peru and I always need the help of a friend in the United States to make purchases of your products.
I hope you can place my country in your delivery system.

Hey! It sounds so cool. Here’s no traveling during quarantine, we had a lot of plans. What countries did you like the most? maybe you have any recommendations. I want to travel to Rome after the quarantine, it’s cool and warm, I like it very much.

I have just ordered 8 mth Brooklyn, and I see USPS are suspending international mail acceptance to New Zealand among a lot of other countries because of Covid restrictions.
They are asking customers not to send to the countries listed NZ and Australia being two of them. My order was done the same day, 1st October. They have stated they will return mail to sender. Just wondering what is going to happen as things become worse. How are we oversea’s going to buy our reborn kits and supplies???

I hadn’t heard that yet. That’s going to be a huge problem. It also means that we here in the US can’t ship internationally through USPS.