Have you seen these new items?

Dolls by sandie has these listed on their website. Would you try one of these in your dolls?

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I tried a different brand of breathing machine. It needed a special body with a pocket so you could get to it to change the battery. The body came with it and was for 3/4 limb dolls. It was pricey but looked very realistic. It only breathed for a very short time before you had to press it again and it made a ticking noise when it was on. It was also hard and you could feel it when you held the baby. I haven’t tried this one but Still Moments claims it’s silent. Except for the noise and the short duration of breathing time, I liked how it looked. It looks like this one has to be plugged in to something somehow but I can’t really tell. This one looks better than the one I tried.

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I watched the video on YouTube. The charging cord sticks out from the body. After, you make a small circle hole n attach the cord holder in the body. Then you attach the usb rechargeable battery pack to the cord that’s coming out from the body. Then you unplug n charge battery pack as needed. I did order one. Just to see how it works.

Please let us know if you think it’s worth it.

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I will

Those mems are pretty pricey. I bought a bunch of them from China about four years ago and I paid probably $15 shipped for ask of them- I bought like 6 of them. They are a little different looking but same concept. The ones I bought her battery operated so no cords, but I did put a little pocket with the zipper on the side to be able to change the batteries.