Picture of last doll you worked on


Aww thanks! Here are a few more pics of her.


Love her


Thank you. This is a real girl! I wish I would be your student or a fly on your wall :)!
How long you been doing this?


Thanks! I started reborning about 2 years ago. I still feel like I struggle to move from making “pretty dolls” to “lifelike babies”. This forum has been the best place to learn and find support in this art!


2 years? Unbelievable! I am still staring at her…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Just finished the painting on these two. Both Paradise Galleries Prototypes Now I am working on Madison Awake as a custom and Cassie Brace Phoenix.


Love the facial expression on the second one! So cute!


Varnish baking stage.


Such a cutie!


Wow! She’s amazing!



I just want to pick-up the little one, and hold him, and kiss him…:heart_eyes:
Who he is? What kit is he?


I finished this pretty girl a couple days ago! She already has a mommy



She is so lovely, Victoria! Her mommy will be very happy with her. :heart:


Thank you! She is! She was adopted before I had even finished painting her, and her mommy is a good friend and is on the forum :slight_smile:


I love how you achieve that newborn look!


Working on their lashes this morning.


They are gorgeous…I really love all the mottling. Beautiful skin tone. :hugs:


Thank you. For some reason I am just drawn to the splotchy little newborn look.


They look amazing! It has been so fun watching their progress