Picture of last doll you worked on


I like how Saskia keeping all of them in order with her little finger :slight_smile: All three are so adorable!


Stay indoors!..thats just too cold!


I love your little blondes! Darren is adorable with the blond locks, love it!


Not a great picture but it’s dark outside!


beautiful baby!


here is Shes Alive by Tina Kewy. I love how she turned out so much I am going to make another just for me.



I have been working hard on babies. lol


What an awesome job you did on her!! She should sell quickly. :heart_eyes:


My problem child. More pics coming soon.


OH How I love your Tink and the dark eyes!! His eyebrows are super!!


Probably one of my favorite versions of her yet! Awesome job!


Wow! I thought she was a real baby!! Absolutely beautiful!! :heart_eyes:


working on 7 still very early WIPs


There all great but really love #4 and #8!!


They are all so beautiful!


you can’t really see it but the babies have blue undertones and their little lips painted in now :yum: tomorrow I’ll start on blushing then get to their individual skin tones, they’re all going to be different ethnicities and I am so excited as I’ve only ever made Caucasian and asian/Hispanic skin tones :heart_eyes:


I just finished rooting this little lady. I’m waiting for her glue to dry so I can put her together for photos to show her mommy


Ashley asleep, just finished this weekend!


The way how shadow lays on her face in the 1st picture - she looks absolutely real!! Amazing!
A few minutes later and I am still staring at her! Those eyebrows, lips, blushing!!!.. I want to see all pictures of her, please!