Picture of last doll you worked on


Ok ladies
.Picture of last doll you took a photo of even if not done
Heres mine trying hair painting WIP


I last worked on this one, it’s been a while. Recently moved but don’t have all my stuff here yet.


That’s not my last doll, but my last picture. Byron vampire with homemade outfit


Last actual doll I worked on is a BJD. Carter - Dollzone

Last reborn I worked on is Faith …


Working on Dominic’s hair


Working on fixing this doll. The blue is now gone and paint stripped to the hairline. Will start repainting today.




Is over the eyes where it was blue or is that clay to change something?


Daisy wip. She is now ready to be put together.


I feel so bad for this one… every time I see it. :slight_smile:





Still working on her but hope to be done with painting today.


So many cuties!!



Ready for eyebrows and hair


I’m still working on this little guy


I’ve enjoyed finishing up this little girl! I love the red hair.


Decided to add more hair to my Mario…another drink and wet.


My latest attempt at painted hair, Sugar. The photo was taken last night so the lighting is poor she was just waiting for the glue for eyelashes and magnet to dry