Picture of last doll you worked on



Taken under harsh lighting. I prefer natural light, but there is none here. It is raining and getting dark at like 4pm.

Edited to add that she is now sold. :smile:


Love her!


Looks really good



@Renauta427 see your kitty? :heart:


Cute baby with the pretty Kitty.


Ok I honestly thought he was real. I had to double check and see what thread I was in. He is incredible!


Aww beautiful baby!! Glad you’re using the kitty!


He looks amazing! I also love your loom knit kitten Lola!


Thank you ladies!!! @Renauta427 thank you for the kitten! He is just perfect! Please let me know if you ever deciede to make a pink one! :heart:️ I would love to buy a pink kitty from you!


I made a set for my twins!


Oh my! I love your twins and their pink kitties! I need to learn!!! I want to make dolls and these cute little cuddles!!! And dog sweaters. :grinning:


Do you have the reciepe for these? I think @Renauta427 posted it long ago…
Who are your beautiful twins? They are gorgeous! :heart_eyes:


Those kittys are really cute!


:blush: Thank You! I used the u tube video, ( I will look it up for you) I played it in little step by step increments and made the kitten as I went along. Try and do as much as you can in one sitting. That helped me because I am unfamiliar with the concept of knitting so I need to be shown every single step.

They are Macey and Miya. I sold them already they will be under somebody’s tree.


There’s that loom again. I feel my resolve slowly weakening. :smile:


:joy: we are breaking you down 1 post at a time!


You really are!

That thread stated and it was like “Avoid, avoid, don’t even look.” After a while I peeked and it was “Okay, look. Enjoy everyone else’s cute stuff” Now you post this and it’s “Well… you do have yarn and a bit of spare time in the evenings.” :joy:


I ordered the 12 inch baby Salia ( I am in love with her)

and have a 10 inch BB baby. So I know clothing is going to be an issue so now I am thinking…how can I loom knit maybe a cute sleeping gown…it is never ending lol.


Oh no.i feel the same like to try them .Isnt that a childs loom you can buy at a store craft department ? Think i gave one to my niece this year.Maybe i should have kept it!!
Kitties So cute!