Picture of last doll you worked on


The majority of my sales are for girls that age too. I have a doll selling saturday that is going to be a gift for a 10 yr old.


About 1/2 of mine go to adults. The other 1/2 go to 10-12 year olds. Price doesn’t seem to be the deciding factor. Some adults buy the cheap cuddle babies. Some preteens get $300 dolls. Some kids save up their own money. Others get them for Christmas or birthdays. But I love that age group. My 10 year old self would have loved a reborn. We get to bring magic to little girls’ lives. What more could we ask for? :heart:️️


Exactly! I love the way their faces light up when they see their doll! Since the majority of my sales have been local I get to hand deliver them and it’s awesome. And the ones that have been surprises are the best because I can just imagine the little girl opening it on Christmas morning! I would’ve died as a kid if I got a reborn lol


I would say 98% of my sales go to adults.


finished rooting waiting for glue to dry then do eye lashes and give them a mop chop


My last baby. My buyer flaked, so she is now listed on reborns. :slight_smile:


She looks so real, that lady really missed out on a gorgeous baby, her loss!


Their loss!


Trying.to squeeze one more baby in for xmas sales. Put her up tonite…



Thanks, but more like my stupidity.

This lady was distressed because I had no dolls for sale because she desperately needed one. So after a bunch of back and forth, I decided to paint a kit that she chose, putting in long days to get her done quickly so I could ship her off, even giving her a heads up the other day that I was almost done. Sent her WIP photos towards the end… Well today she’s done and all of a sudden she has some financial emergency where she can’t buy. Alrighty then.

When will I ever learn? :roll_eyes:


My hat goes off to you. I will never do customs for that reason. I hate pressure and what if it doesn’t paint well. All of your work is amazing though.


I guess people have financial emergencys Ive had that too…but mostly i think buyers regret. Heat.of the moment stuff.Decide not to spend so much etc

Lately had a lady buy one for her grand daughter So excited when it arrived then she wanted a Darren doll i was working on too.
Also she loved the dolll i sold her so much wanted to keep it i should do another like her for grand daughter.I had anothr kit i was starting anyway so no big deal .
When they were done I email her .No response
Was iffy anyway… as no money down just a lot of wishful thinking on her part.
Ive learned always have to not count your chickens…and most of all…SHOW ME THE MONEY! before you trust a potential buyer no mater what they say
They cool off
Oh well Darren sold fast hes so so cute like to do him again and a return customer wanted the other an Avery so nothing lost


This is the first doll I have made. Hopefully not the last.


Not too bad! little more blush on cheeks if my phone is giving me an accurate picture
First doll everyones afraid to over do the color Just have to get use to how much to use
My first few looked dolly… .I honestly
had to tell myself" rough it up mottle it well !" and darn if it didnt look better!
Keep it up.
BTW Ear looks very good
Each doll will be better.
Always keep your first baby… in a year or 2 youll see your progress by comparing
Enjoy reborning!



What kit is she she’s gorgeous


@Bethandbees Thank you. This is April Kazmierczak.


Thank you! I was terrified of over blushing. Would it hurt to add more paint to his cheeks? He has been varnished. I just want to double-check before proceeding.


finished brittany now on to rooting aria


She is beautiful!