Picture of last doll you worked on


I am pretty sure, mine is blue I think…it has like 24 or 26 pegs, something like that. As soon as you decide to get rid of something is exactly when you will find you need it lol!


The color varies from brand to brand so you just need to count the pegs to see what size they are .


Come on over @DollyPardon Looming is fun and if you have a great imagination you can make miracles happen with that Loom right @marrabo


:blush: Yeah !


Well ya’ll are no kind of help. :rofl::rofl::rofl: I need fewer hobbies, not more, so I can do stuff… like clean my house. Or at least my dolly room that I can hardly walk in right now. One of my friends came over and asked to see it. I was like “Oh no, you can’t. I’d never see you again.” :joy:


Twin B was just listed on reborns. Pictures are dark because it’s rainy here.




LOVE!! She’s Beautiful! I was just going to order the twins for the first time but the bodies are temp out of stock *Sigh


Order when you can, @Vanniek. They turn out so cute and people love them. They usually sell very fast.


Congrats on her sale


Thanks @jlesser. A previous customer bought her. :blush:

I didn’t think that would happen so fast, so I took more pics. Look at the difference lighting makes!


Realborn Reese.


I broke down and got my loom Friday. Made a hat that was too small and now making booties that look a little big but I am getting the hang of the stitches an it is definitely relaxing.


Most of my sales are for young girls also. Usually for birthdays and Christmas presents. I’m ok with that. I love seeing the pictures they send with the babies and how happy they seem.


So cute!! That skin tone is fantastic!!


THIS. And here y’all are convincing me I want to try reborning and I have SO MANY OTHER hobbies already!


Yes me too and I’m supposed to be getting some Christmas videos and pictures! I can’t wait! :heart_eyes:


She’s super beautiful!! You must use a ton of washes. Amazing skin tone! I love her little hat too. I can’t seem to find such cute things! Can you share where you got it please? :heart_eyes::revolving_hearts:


Thank you, @Vanniek. I don’t think I did too many washes. This kit was already a beautiful color, so she was easy to bring to life. These hats I order in bulk from sites like Ebay or Aliexpress.


After Christmas I will totally make you a pink one! When things slow down a bit.