**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


Hey @Theara were you able to get the box shipped back out to @ashleyfox98 today?


I thought the tsetse fly was more deadly?


No! I can’t until morning. I’ll update with a tracking number in the morning. I think I’ve also earned a Michael’s run hehe!


Thanks for letting me know, and Michael’s sounds like a good plan :+1:


You’re welcome! I’m going to take a nap and then head out. I didn’t sleep much last night. I have chronic insomnia from nerve damage and other related reasons. Yes I need some art therapy. This has been very intense. I wish I could have used some of the items from the box. It’s too risky.


It just got shipped! I took Liam and put a kit in the box.


That box needs a small loan to ship it. :grimacing:Sorry you didn’t get to enjoy it like we did. :confused:


Good deal, at least you got to participate… Somewhat. Where’s your picture girl?? Lol


I almost passed out when she said it was 56 dollars! I’m sad too. It’s not a lot to ship for 50 if I’d gotten to get something out. I got Liam only because he’s vinyl and I can wash him in hot water.


I forgot in my rush. :sweat_smile: I was rushing to get there and the kids were bugging out. I can take one when I get home if that’s ok?


Well, I was kind of joking with you… But if you don’t mind I would love to see lol. It is part of the game :grinning: and HEY! you weren’t supposed to tell what you put in!!! :astonished: hahaha!! :laughing: Just trying to be positive in a crappy situation. I’m sorry too, that it didn’t work out for you. That is a lot to ship and not even get to fully enjoy the :package:. Glad you at least got one lil goodie out. Just scrub him up real good, can’t wait to see him when you finish!! :blush:


Thanks! Here’s my pic so we can put the kibosh on this round of the box. I know it sucks but at least I got Liam. I also got some wedges which I forgot about or I would have mentioned. I was running low on wedges and took a risk. Really hoping they’re better than the ones I was using. Here’s Liam fresh out of the bath next to the wedges. I forgot about not saying what I put in!


That’s water on the wedges bag. Yes I washed them too!


How cute!! I didn’t even think I liked Liam until @Ledbetterlittles got him out of the box. Now he’s definitely on my list :grin: hehe. And maybe @ashleyfox98 will let you slide on telling what you put back in… just this one time… since you were the last in line. Lol


Lol please @ashleyfox98 hahaha? Liam is versatile. He or she can look extremely different based on shading and complexion.


You get a pass, considering all that you went through!


Thank you! I get to keep the wedges lol! We need humor after everything we’ve been through.


And to think, in a few days the box will be back to @ashleyfox98 and we can finish up the final chapter of this novel, “The twists and turns of the newby box”. It’s been a good read, never failed to entertain. But I’m ready to close this book and move on to some light hearted comedy. :grimacing:


Me too! Poor Ashley. I don’t envy her having to open those bags.


I’m glad my items were selected.