**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


Was Liam and the wedges yours?


Yes and I don’t have bugs so I’m glad that was safe. The kit is very pretty. Those wedges I split the bag in half. They expand once you start using them they aren’t the hard ones.


I had Liam on my list. I’m happy you put him inside the box! He’s going to be a light skinned biracial or AA baby. He will be a she with fair skin and coral pink blushing with brownish red creasing and color around her ears and knuckles. Like how babies darken after a week or two. There’s a pretty little girl modeling clothes on a baby boutique site with rust colored hair. I think Liam needs red hair. My youngest had red hair so I’m partial hehe.

I’m having a hard time with the wedges. They pick up everything in the air. What helps? I’m doing air dry.


I use heat set. They are more spongy than I like. Haven’t had them pick up anything extra. So far I’ve only used them for two babies and no problems other than the throng a little too soft but then I just the harder one to take extra paint off so I use two different sponges. Hope this makes sense


Can you share photos of the girl your modeling after? I’m working on an AA with pink tones but will need to do creasing in a reddish color


The air dry paint picks up everything. You can hermetically seal yourself in and it will pick up lint. It’s a magnet for lint lol. I’m switching to genesis soon. I can’t with this lint but I love not having to bake and I worry about the fumes.



I’m also looking at a video on YouTube from all4reborns. It’s so addictive to watch. She paints a baby the way I’m trying to.



She speed painted an Ira the elf. He looks amazing. Some purists won’t like this video, but she does a good job. Also I want her sponge!



Thanks for sharing that link, I love her painting style!


Me too! She paints really good. I like that she can take any kit and make it something so different and gorgeous. I’m going to join her patreon and Melissa George’s.


Oh those sea sponges I wonder which brand she is using


What about these


I bought a bag at Michael’s many years ago. There are so many different textures to them. I have one that is my go-to. It isn’t in the best shape, anymore. I hope I can find another like it when it falls apart.


I think the big one is what she uses? Maybe the one from bountiful baby? How does she mix her paint?


Now that I’m not sure of


Hers looks thicker than mine. I was worried the first time I watched her videos. I thought she’d have streaking or lint.


I’ve used air dry for years and have never had a problem with lint. Could your sponges be picking it up?


They are. I’m working on Spencer and not only is the poor baby getting a few booboos but he’s covered in lint. I’ve spent hours plucking and scrubbing and it keeps coming. I’m going to genesis!


Any updates on the :package:? Did she receive it? Its rather disappointing that it was damage with ya know