**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


Bugs happen even without those things. If you have family or friends with bugs they can get on your clothes.


@britt40478 please stop selling things online and refund the money for any custom orders you are working on. You are not responsible enough to be selling online. And nothing is ever your fault. You’re just the damn unluckiest person in the world.


I don’t have bugs.


The most unluckiest seller ever. This has me seeing red and I’m ready to blow the f up.


Did the post service put them in there? Space aliens or the men in freaking black?


This just isn’t making sense… :no_mouth:


Well, there was nothing in the bags when I had the box, and I haven’t had the box in a while. Bugs would have suffocated by now if there were any, because the box was packed this whole time. I don’t have bugs in my house.


So, as for bug infestations - I had pantry beetles a couple of years ago and I’m anal retentive about this stuff. Every box of crackers had bugs in them and any can I moved had little critters scurrying around under them. I would spray and vacuum everything in my sight. I have always had animals but never any fleas, even. But these tiny little beetles were driving me crazy! I had to take out anything in a package - to throw out - and low and behold - in the very back corner was a plastic container of nuts (from Walmart) that I had received for Christmas. Inside was a ghastly cobweb, larva and more bugs! I freaking lost my mind, did the heebie jeebie dance before I got the courage to throw the container out and vacuum and bleach everything. Long story short - no more beetles…ever. So, stuff happens…sometimes bugs show up no matter how clean we are.


I thought the post offices were all closed today? How did the box arrive today, was it not sent usps?


Bedbugs don’t come from animals. You could have bought a shirt at the store and transferred them to your home that way. And I don’t know what baby bed bugs look like, but the “fleas” might just be young bedbugs. :thinking:https://www.pestworld.org/pest-guide/bed-bugs/bed-bugs/


I didn’t think you could hardly even see bedbugs…


This is just terrible :pensive:


They can live up to a year.


These are somethings. Small but about a few mm.


I think you knew you had these and that’s why you held the box this long, hoping they’d suffocate.


Since you have to hold onto this box for awhile, can you place it in garbage bags or something? I know you live in an apartment so I’m not sure if you have access to set it outside or not. I’m sorry this is happening. :slightly_frowning_face:


Post office is closed today but they still deliver the priority mail packages.


I just did. I’m in so many tears crying over this. I can’t believe this is happening.


Exactly and grains are full of eggs and buggs. It’s not a cleanliness issue. I didn’t say she was dirty. I hope she didn’t think that. Bugs are a fact of life for humans.


Could you send more pics please? If you can get some good clear ones maybe we can figure out exactly what it is.