**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


I’d have to go in the box. It’s quarantined right now in a bag upside down in a black bag. Iknow you want to give her the benefit of the doubt. We all do. This is too much. First she couldn’t mail the box back but could sell a reborn made from the box and shop at bountiful baby for new supplies instead of coming on here. During a hurricane.

Then she forgot my apartment on the label and it was sent back. The next thing she did was get defensive when we asked for answers. Then she said she got USPS to pick it up which I don’t know what the story was with that. It might have been or not but it’s here. Now the items have bugs in them. Can you explain why you’re so patient and I want to go incredible hulk?


We are just trying to figure this all out. Everything that has happened with this box since it arrived at @britt40478 house has been so odd. None of it makes any sense.


I completely understand, I would not exactly call myself “patient” right now. This whole deal has been suspicious. Hasn’t made a lick of sense. I would just like to identify what it is living in the box.


If we connect the dots we have either a very unlucky person, which happens or more.


I received a box from Amazon today. They must be just running packages.


Fed ex is also as I got a box from MacPhearsons today


I believe they are, I returned two items to amazon and they arrived today.


All i can say is …wow.


you seem to have the worst of luck with this box @Theara
and I agree @hyelah1990 it seems very suspicious
i’ve been following the thread from the start


It is suspicious. I just realized if she’s from Ohio how the heck did the hurricane mess with her electricity? I just realized she said tornado but there’s nothing online about them and the last reported Turnball county outage was Sept 4th. I’m sorry for reading it wrong, but the rest is what I mean.


You can. We got an infestation years ago after my then husband returned from an international trip.

They are hard to find, but if you can find them, you can see them. It took more cleaning, steam cleaning, and a professional company several visits to get rid of them. I had to basically rip my whole house apart, tear apart furniture, then spend a small fortune to take care of this. I have been pretty paranoid ever since and take a ton of precaution when traveling now, including taking luggage straight to the basement and washing everything in there before putting it away. I have also been known at times to strip right at the door, dropping my clothes right in the washer. I do not mess around! :grin:

This box. I just have no words. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:


Ugh! I can not even imagine. We don’t live where bedbugs are common so I have never seen any but heard they live under mattresses mostly so if you check between your mattresses and you have them you will know due to the discoloration from squished bugs and fecal matter. F-ing nasty
You can pick them up from hotels and other people houses just by having your bag/purse on the floor.


Yeah they’re visible just very little. They’re all over the place here so I’m cautious about picking one up. I can’t afford to do all that.


People see them on the subway, at the stores, everywhere. It’s so common I take cabs and stay home lol.


I have seen that in photos. The nasty evidence from them being there, but we never found that here. In fact, the professionals found absolutely nothing! We were getting eaten alive at night and I knew it had to be them. The bites are super itchy and usually go in a row of 3. But anyway, they were hesitant to treat because they saw nothing and the treatment is really expensive. I told them they were going to treat it regardless. Lol Well, sure enough several weeks in, I saw one. Nasty!

I came out of this situation traumatized, let me tell you. There were nights I couldn’t sleep because every hair or sheet that touched me, I thought was a bug.

You are right about setting your purse down. You can also get them in movie theaters and in dressing rooms, so guess what I don’t do much of? :grin:


Omg!! That sounds horrible!! :confounded:


I keep itching and everything that touches me scares me lol. It just happened and I’m already scratching from thinking about it. I would say noseeums but those are very tiny.


F-ing nasty is right!! Your giving me the heebie jeebies over here!!! :confounded::mask::scream: lol


I have them all over me haha. I get goosebumps and rashes thinking about bugs and anything nasty.


I’m itching for you girl!! Can’t even imagine… :persevere: