**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


Whew, this long weekend and shipping being halted really messed up the groove we had going ! Lol.
Back on the move so we can wrap up this round and start again :wink:
Cant wait to see what you pick @missannie2


It’s back on. Give me a second and I’ll post the tracking.


Incoming: arrival date is Monday. The holiday did throw us off but no the less it’s on the way


Really wish I would have mailed it yesterday but my daughter lost my debit card over the holiday and it didn’t arrive in the mail until yesterday. By then it was too late to mail it off. Good luck Annie. Do the newbies say here or move on to the next box group !


No worries! Life happens. I lost my debit card recently too and was in the same situation, financial paralysis until the replacement arrived.


@Kimmiee No worries, I totally was not referring to you hun. It was a complaint that even though I sent the dang thing 2 day, they didnt deliver it on Sunday and Monday was a holiday! It was me that delayed the box!!!
Plus I was just excited that it was back on the road, I love seeing what everyone picks❤


No worries I was just sharing to let everyone know. All is well with me. I’m glad this was so much fun


I personally love getting supplies I will go through, rooting needles sponges brushes especially genesis paints. Then I also LOVE Kits and clothing so for me all has been great so far😊


I have been going nuts buying supplies from MG tutorials! I have extras to add to the box next round :wink:
I am constantly buying and testing new tools/brushes, plus I buy in bulk for better prices so I have plenty to share :slight_smile:
I just got in a set of those oval/toothbrush makeup brushes- they are so cool! Anyone else follow MG on patreon?!


I follow her. But I haven’t logged in lately. I tend to treat her like Netflix and just binge watch a whole season at once :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Katinafleming too funny, I do the EXACT same thing!! I will sit down and take notes and ss, then not get back on for over a month lol. I’m too impatient to watch one episode and wait.


That’s me. I forget the previous episode if I have to wait a week at a time for them to come out :grimacing:


Same here -I m too impatient to see a doll take 12 weeks to finish lol - I do enjoy her patreon though - and she gives lots of info and pdfs


Goody Goody I can hardly wait for the box to get here. I have so much to put in and I can’t wait to see some goodies to keep too. I hoped it would be here sat but that gives me more time to be excited too. LOL Delayed gratification LOL :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Any updates was it delivered



Delivered Yay


Delivered over an hour ago!!! :smiley: how am I just seeing this?!?! Lol. Can’t wait to see what goodies you find @missannie2 :slightly_smiling_face:


Got it just now :grinning: getting ready to go to the Dr. but I will get to check the stuff out better when I get home!!! :wink: The Box is huge and stuffed full of super items :heart_eyes: . Can’t wait to unstuff then restuff it LOL. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Patiently waiting to see what you pick. :grimacing::wink:IMG_8191


Lol I’m right there with you