**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


Lol @Kimmiee I JUST checked the tracking and was hopping on to share the excitement!!!


I was home all day the moment I leave he sneaks in :joy:. Picking up the kiddies and rushing back home


@Kimmiee Damn mailman, I feel like they get a sick thrill watching women wait for their packages lol


Totally…I got the packages and I just don’t know how you ladies packed all this in here


Can’t wait to see what you choose… :eyes:


Here’s what I got still undecided on one itemUploading…


It didn’t load! :grinning:



I don’t understand why it wont upload



Yay!!! You found some treasures❤


I seriously considered grabbing that rainbow tutu. But I already have 2 tutus that I got from @Ledbetterlittles another time. So I decided to leave that one in the box. I can’t wait to see what you end up doing with it. :heart_eyes:


I’m so glad you left it. That was the first thing I grabbed


A lot it was like going shopping. I had my calculator out and everything


@Kimmiee It is! Girl, you dont have to be THAT precise :wink:
Go through everything 3 or 4 times, lol, theres so much there you’ll find something new every time haha


Yay ! u found a lot of good stuff ! :heart_eyes:


Those are some amazing goodies! Those flesh colors are a treasure love the white bonnet, rooting needles and cable ties you will never have enough of, so excited for you :grin:


Yes yes I was too excited. The flesh tones is what I was undecided about. But the box shall be on the move first thing Thursday!


@missannie2 your up next. Shipping the box today and will post tracking as soon as possible. This was fun. Can’t wait for round two. There was some really cool things in the box and I’m glad I am able to try the hair thingy! :joy:


Sounds great!!! I am so excited for my turn :smile: