**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


Does it have anything to do with her just joining the forum…? @cajuncuties


I was wondering if that was it. There was another a couple of days ago that wanted to do a trade or buy from someone that was also not darkened.


That’s strange…:thinking:


Is it just me… Or did it just darken up…? :dizzy_face: lol


Nope! You aren’t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What thaaa…?? :laughing:


I don’t know, but don’t want to stay off topic. I may message BB to see if they can enlighten me.:grinning:


There ya go :+1: I’d like to know if you figure it out.


I think it’s because less than an hour ago he joined the forum


I think so too @Iselis. After an hour it darkened like everyone else.


I’m off on the weekend too. But the post office closes earlier either way doesn’t matter


Oh no, and they will be closed Monday…:worried:


Hi and welcome to the forum. It looks like you’re fresh-from-the-Bountiful-Baby-womb new! That’s a little too fresh for participation in the Traveling Pants Box, but stick around, stay active on the forum, have a few successful transactions under your belt and future participation is likely! Are you an artist? I’d love to see your work. :slight_smile:


That’s right! Thanks for the reminder.


If you are lucky, they will deliver it Sunday and you will have 2 days to explore.


Oh I’m getting it there by Sunday!!! :wink: she’s gonna need that whole time to go through this bad boy!! Kids are laying down now… But not asleep, getting pictures ready to post and packing this sucker back up


Lol @Ledbetterlittles and @cajuncuties I’m ready roll that baby out :joy::package:.


Okayyyyy, drumroll…
Here are my final picks! So hard to choose, I struggled A LOT.
Packing everything up to go out in the morning, so excited to see what everyone else choses


Nice haul! Have you ever used that baby hair lotion before? My mom used it on us back in the 70’s. I used it on my babies (born between 1991 and 2010). Now I use it sometimes on my reborns. It’s super light weight and works great to lightly condition mohair and style it. Plus it gives the baby a real baby smell. :wink:


Where can you buy the hair lotion?