**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


I just found it on Amazon. :slight_smile:Search “Baby hair lotion.”


Thanks. I found it!


It’s on Amazon for around $7. If you decide you like it, you can buy it cheaper on jet.com. But from that site, you need to buy $35 worth to get free shipping. If you’re just buying 1 bottle, I’d go with Amazon. A bottle lasts a long time.


I had never even heard of it. It smells amazing though!! And it is super light, it looks like water in the bottle so I think it will be awesome for mohair!!!
This is why the box is so stinkin cool- We find all kinds of new things we have never used or even heard of, things we never took the plunge and purchased- but someone else did, and was sweet enough to share :wink:
I am so stoked about everything I found… And put in :slight_smile:


Hahahaha!! Not quite 47,856 :joy::joy:- HI! My name is Tammy and I m a shopaholic!!:joy::grin: and I love me some bargains !!!Looks like you found some great stuff too @Ledbetterlittles :grin:


I feel like more of us are shopaholics than not around here :wink:
How can you not be with so many kits, supplies and baby stuff to go with them?! I loved being pregnant because I got to buy all the baby stuff I wanted. I was always so sad once my babies were no longer babies because they are jealous coming out with the coolest new stuff!!
Now I have am excuse to buy baby stuff for the rest of my reborning days- should get me through until I am a grandma (I’m only 30, but I have 6 kids so I should have a few grandkids eventually lol)


Yes -I use making dolls as an excuse to look at baby things -my daughter is pregnant with a girl due Jan :grin:- I ve spent the last four months buying girl and boy clothes -with the attitude of what the new baby can’t wear - my reborns can lol -I have six tubs full already :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Okay. So it was 47,852 then. Close enough. :wink:


What kit is that @Ledbetterlittles??


That little dude is Liam, and he is much more appealing in person than in the stock photos. I am glad he was in there because he is a kit I would never have purchased!


Yea, his head looks dented in his stock photos… After seeing your pic of the kit I might just need one myself. :smirk:


I used Baby magic on my babies and now when I smell it I think of my babies. I took some on my hands rubbed it in and rubbed my hands on the body of the play doll I’m making now just to see if it works.


I love that smell :blush: I use it daily.


Your right one of the best things about the box is sharing and getting new tips and secrets!


Is the box on the move? Fingers crossed it’s lighter now :joy:.


The box is on the move! I am from Michigan to so it should be to you pretty soon. I sent it 2 day, I tried to overnight it but it was an extra $60 so I changed my mind


I don’t think the boxes any lighter, but I did play Tetris and get everything in a box the next size smaller so it should save everyone on shipping


Omg your in Michigan too oh my we have to meet


I was squashing air out of baggies to fit everything in lol.


This lady knows how to pack! :star_struck: