**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


There is so much in this box that it hardly looks like I made a dent!!! I was hoping I freed up some room to add my stuff, we’ll see when I go to repack


When I had the other traveling box, my husband had me hold the flaps down and squeeze the sides just so he could tape it. I just knew when the next person opened it, it was gonna pop open and stuff would just fly out.


I’m speechless at the size of that box. I’m going to be in heaven! You did get several things out.

With the box that big how are you ladies even able to go through it in one day?


It’s easy @Kimmiee, you will dig through it like crazy then be in a hurry to get it shipped back out to see what the next person picks!! :wink:




Just picture being a little kid on Christmas morning and just tearing through all of the gifts under the tree in a frenzy. It’s a little bit like that…


A lot like that!



Except even better because you get to open all the presents under the tree, take what you want, then pass the rest of them on. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cool :sunglasses:
Which is why I’m so excited! I believe I’m up next right @ashleyfox98? Hoping it’s comes on Tuesday I’m off so I’ll have the entire day to play in the box :package:


If you are next, I can send it priority 2 day so it comes Saturday :wink:


Dream on…lol. Nobody on here is going to give you a whole day to play in the box.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Exactly :joy:


I do like how fast it is moving, though.:grinning:


I do too… We are on a roll with this one!! Y’all have to hurry so we can start the next round, hehe. :grin:


Here’s where we’re at ladies. :slight_smile:

Next is…


I would love to be added. What do I need to do?


@ashleyfox98 is your lady @Talwicca


Please don’t do anything extra


What makes your member name not as bold in color as other member?