**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


Yay ! So glad it was your "dream "come true lol !! It’s as much fun watching what everyone picks as it is getting the box lol ! Lots of good stuff in there for sure




Great finds, I love that bonnet bib pants set with little flowers


It really is @Tungaro!! And glad you had fun @Katinafleming!!


I’m going to be out of town for my turn next so I guess it is going to someone else until I get home after labor day :frowning: I can’t wait to get the box and see all of the great stuff. I have bought a few things and been going thru my stuff to see what treasures I will be sending off :wink:


Bummer so is @Ledbetterlittles up next @ashleyfox98?


Yes, the box will be going to Ledbetterlittles next.


Which means I need to get ready lol :joy:


@Ledbetterlittles can go before me so I have more time to gather supplies for the box.


Okay…I had to make more room in the box for some other stuff I wanted to add, so I took a few more things out. These kept calling my name. :wink:


Sorry for being MIA! I am finally home from the hospital!!! So excited to be next, it will be an awesome ‘Welcome Home’ gift! This has been an eventful summer to say the least. My husband got to come spend some time with me yesterday, he ended up at the hospital getting stitches (I wasn’t home to supervise lol), he had slipped moving a bin of metal parts and a rod went into his arm.
But, so happy to be home and getting to spend some QT with my kiddos before they go back to school next week.
And then I am able to spend full days painting and getting to chat here with you amazing ladies!!!


Glad to hear you are home, but that is terrible news about your hubby.:open_mouth: If I didn’t go into mother mode with my hubby, he would end up in the hospital all the time. I swear men have no ability to think things through.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So true, last time he was in the ER, he had tom his sclera (clear part of his eyeball) because he wouldn’t wear safety glasses like I told him to… 12 inch flathead screw driver straight to the eye.
Between him and my 6 ACTUAL children, we are at the ER every other week.
I think giant men children are 100× worse than keeping actual children in line lol.


Him and my foster cat have something in common then lol My dumb cat somehow managed to scratch his eye so bad it has a permanent scar on it, he can still see though which is great, but it just isn’t so pretty lol We just got finished with a week of eye drops haha He’s at the vet a LOT lol


I hear ya! Hubby wanted to take our old pool liner to work so he and his buddies could make a slip and slide. These are all men in their mid to late 50s!:scream: It was a quick “NO” from me. Broken legs, arms, and hips would have cost a fortune in lost wages and hospital bills. What are they thinking!!!:scream:
Thankfully, no human injuries with this incident. However, a simple “I’m pulling this stump.” ended with a new fence, carport, and gas line.:roll_eyes:


Earth to Kali! @Ledbetterlittles glad you’re home. Now get ready for this big box. It’s headed to you straight from Earth, Tx. :earth_americas:
I hope you have as much fun with it as I did! :grin:



Woohoo!!! I can’t wait- both to see what’s there, and to destash some more :wink:


Please plan to remove some of the anvils and replace them with light, fluffy clouds or something. This box is getting heavy. :wink:


I thank God for Aflac!


That box is heavier than the other one and it’s heavy.