**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


I saw that!!! We have been feeding it a little too well :wink:
I just pray y’all are a little nicer than I was when sending to @ashleyfox98 lol. I had to have helpers hold it shut (with force) to tape it. I was determined to send everything I planned on, and used the biggest box I could fine. I was scared it would pop open like confetti.
She didnt yell at me, but I did warn her that it may help itself out of the box when she cut the tape.
But seriously, I have more kits to add… Guess I will have to empty it a bit to avoid a larger, heavier box going out!!


Awe, I’d love to have something from Earth, lol!


On the move again :smiley: So, how much does it weigh now…?


Our home address is Olton. But our business is in Earth. I grew up in Earth. My kids go to school in Earth. So I claim it as my town. Usually I mail from Olton when I go pick up my mail. But I think I’m going to start mailing from Earth. I’m here more than Olton, and it’s way more fun to get packages from Earth. :wink:


Did I say how excited I was!!! I’m after @Ledbetterlittles. Hope the box loses some weight :joy::sweat_smile:


So happy you are home, hope you are doing much better, was worried you wouldn’t be home to get your Reborn garage sale delivered right to your doorstep!


I had an appointmemt this afternoon, and although I can hardly walk right now- you bet your booty I went to my favorite spot to get boutique baby stuff :wink: I have a problem, lol, over $400 in stuff left with me.
Good thing the box will be here tomorrow!!! I have so many goodies


I can’t wait. Big box :package: coming soon. Waiting to see what you get.


I just keep remembering things I was going to put in the box. I’m ready for round 2 of the newby box already. But I need it to arrive at 10 pounds so it can leave at 20 pounds. It’s hard when it already arrives ripping at the seams. :grimacing:


I am going to be up all night sorting through my stash, plus what I got today so that I am ready tomorrow!! I am going to have to participate in every box because there is no way I can fit even a portion of my stuff in there lol. Plus I have like 20 or so kits that I am on the fence about keeping so… Even if I only add one or two each time it will take me at least 10 rounds :wink: And I have a shopping addiction- baby stuff and reborn supplies and kits so I have endless supplies of everything.
I had intended to open a shop before my health decided to be less than accommodating, so I have a stockpile in my office.


Wow I have the bare minimum supplies. I did order something things for the box. I got my fingers crossed for a Bonnie brown kit :joy:. Just kidding! In a minute there will be two boxes :package: moving for the newbie box


I know, now I feel bad! Isn’t this box just supposed to be trading things you have that you may just not be using? I don’t have THAT much stuff :grimacing:


Don’t feel bad! It can be either or both. No one is expected to buy anything for the box, but people can if they want to.

Before I hosted the box, when I first participated, I would order a kit, make the baby, buy clothing and accessories for that baby, and then sell it. Rinse and repeat. I didn’t have extra stuff. Now that I’ve been doing this for a while, I have kits that I bought that I never got around to, clothes that are precious but have been hanging in the closet for months, supplies that I never got around to using, etc. I don’t need to buy as much to participate. I still order extras of the things that I know are really popular or when I find a good deal, but that’s a choice, not a requirement. I also make crocheted blankets especially for the box because I enjoy making blankets, it’s easy for me, and people seem to like them.

I sincerely hope that no one feels obligated to buy things for the box. As long as the value going in equals the value coming out, I promise no one cares if you bought the items for the box or if you already had them. :slight_smile:


Don’t feel bad. That’s what it’s aboit trading what you have. I had to purchase something’s as my supplies are limited


This is exactly what I do. Buy the kit, body, make the baby buy clothes specifically for that baby and then sell the baby. I haven’t gotten to the point where I have extra supplies


I’m like that too. I probably have only 10 kits total. Painting supplies I try to get extra when I can. @nikkiroc came through for me bc she placed the purple in the box I never got around to purchasing. I loved participating bc there were so many items in there that were already on my buy list. I can’t wait to go again. Now every time I get for me I grab enough for box. @ashleyfox98 I definitely wanna be put on list again :heart_eyes:


@Ledbetterlittles can’t wait to see your picks😊


If you have $20 worth of stuff to add, you’re good. There are things in there of all price ranges. You can find plenty for $20. Or you can do like I did and trade over $100 worth of your own stuff for over $100 worth of stuff in the box and still not make a dent. :wink:


I didnt mean to make anyone feel bad :frowning: I only have the stuff I do because I planned to open a store and because my health got in the way of even painting. I have done nothing but shop for the last 6 months lol.

Seriously though, there is everything from toothpicks to high end kits and everything in between you can add. Extra cosmetic wedges, a handful of toothpicks, q-tips, water pipettes- all items you buy in bulk and can throw in a baggie to trade for another item. Those things will get chosen quickly because we all use those little helpers when painting lol. You can put some diapers in there, a onesie or two, a couple rooting needles… The possibilities are endless- What is cool is that we all use different brands of those little items, so it is fun to try them out!!
I am such a shut-in these days that I just am happy to have you ladies to interact with!! I enjoy sharing the fun little things I have found and also need to get rid of some of this stuff to make room to start painting!
I think I heard the mail man… Running, well hobbling lol, to the front door as we speak to check!!!


Fingers crossed!