To help jsmommy to replenish her reborning supplies, many forum members have offered to donate items. Please list here what you are going to send so that we can make sure she receives a variety of items.

This is her daughter’s mailing address:

848 Springer Dr
Redding, CA 96003

Updated info 8/8
Jsmommy is Stella Rich
Packages can be sent any time to her daughter’s address c/o Sarah Goode



Did i miss a thread somewhere? What happened?


The thread about “Frankie” has many people offering supplies, as she has lost everything in a house fire in CA. I thought it might be easier if we started a new thread with information for those who want to donate.


Her house burnt in the Carr fire in California




That’s what I was trying to do… ^^ Send @Kate to the page she was asking about. Did I do it wrong…? If so, how do I do it?? Lol @pipgirl_el @jlesser


No i just saw you tagged me in it. How terrible for her!

I have a Frankie kit I can donate I think. Does she use GHSP or airdry? I’m gonna have to dig and see what I got.


I will have to dig around. I sold off a lot a while ago, then added everything extra to the traveling pants box.


I dont usually reply on here, but I saw something I might have been able to help with so I jumped in.


I copied and pasted the thread address on my computer.


That’s great, how sweet of you, and all the others helping her. I haven’t been reborning very long and dont have much of a stash built up, but I am praying for her and her family. It’s just horrible she is having to go through this. :pensive: I can’t even imagine…


Thanks :+1:


Updated info in the first post


I know I have some strawberry blonde mohair from J’s Premium, plus a few brushes and some extra GHSP paints, not to mention kits! I’ll look when I get home tonight and post a better list after that.


I’ll send a kit or two. :slight_smile:


will list soon


I will donate these babies with bodies

and some other items to fill the box for her.


I’m sending a BB gift certificate