This is so sweet of everyone!

I would rather donate money when I can to go toward things she needs life wise.

She lost all her stuff… clothes, food, etc

@Jsmommy is there a gofundme account?


I have a few kits with bodies and some eyes, I’ll look and see what else I might have. But first, did anyone check with her personally if she wants supplies yet. Reborning might be the last thing on her mind right now. Just checking.


That’s what I was thinking, too ~ I figured with a gift certificate she can order whenever she’s ready.


wrong topic, sorry


Jlesser has the right idea, i think. Hopefully we’ll hear back from jsmommy about that; I’m going to hold off on pulling reborn supplies together until then.


Yes. She said it is ok.


She sent an email and she posted the same thing on the Frankie page. She is very overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity.


I see a lot of you guys are donating kits, so I can donate a few pounds of glass beads.
I’m sending her 4lbs tha’s what I was able to fit in the box.


I wonder if it could be PayPal to her account?


Perhaps you could start one for her ?


@CindyLouWho and @marrabo

I am not sure how any of that works…
Maybe I will send her a card in the mail with some $ in it (to her daughter’s address)


I send money to my son by PayPal all the time. I use the friends and family. I don’t even know if she has an account though, but most reborners do.


I know how to set up a Go Fund me, but if she has a PayPal account it would be much faster to get money to her by sending it through PayPal using the friends and family option.


On her post earlier she said she didnt have either. (paypal or a go fund me)


Oh, sorry I missed that.


It is on her update to Frankie post


Oh my…I haven’t been on here for a while. I am so sorry to hear this.


Hi ladies I really appreciate everything and all the kind words. I did set up a paypal account. I don’t want to sound ungreatful but we ar getting the daily living things and cash through all the services that has been set up here. If you want to donate money please donate to the Red Cross or Salvation Army as they have given us cash to purchase everyday living expenses. Again I am soooo greatfull for all of your support and I don’t want it to appear that I don’t want your kindness. On the other hand yes items for reborning that you would like to donate I will accept those items as all mine burnt up. I don’t reborn to sell I reborn as my hobby and a way to cope with my anxiety and panic attacks. Due to the loss of a baby I had years ago. Gift cards to B.B. and other stores to buy supplies is ok. Again please don’t take this as I’m not greatful to your kindness. I have never in my life felt so cared about by people I don’t know. So if you do choose to send cash to an organization that has and is helping us please let me know as I am keeping track of this to send averyonebvery special thank you. FYI: I suck at these types of posts. Again thank you


That’s great I know she will love getting a Frankie again.


I’ll go through my stash this weekend and post on Monday what I was able to send.