If you get anything you don’t need just pay it forward :slight_smile:


Mailed a BB gift certificate to you today so you can do a little shopping when you’re ready :blush:


Just mailed a Rina kit a Charlotte kit, 2 pacis, liner brush and a few headbands, hope they are useful to her. keeping all her neighborhood in my prayers. :pensive:


I am putting a box together today. So far I have a Frankie kit, cosmetic wedges, an outfit, diapers, pacifiers, wonder wafer and polyfil/cluster stuff. If I find more stuff to add, I will come back an update my list.

If anyone has an extra Frankie body to send to her, that would be awesome so she could have a complete kit. I sadly do not have the body, just the kit.


I can’t find much info on Frankie, would body 7540 work? @Kate

Edited to add- I was thinking Frankie wasn’t available anymore, I didn’t even look for info on BB page. I just googled him… Lol. Oops.


Yes! :blush:


Great!!! I have one I can send :grinning: I will see if I have anything else and try to get it shipped at the beginning of the week.

Is this the right place to let everyone know I will be sending the body… Or do I need to do anything else…?


I have some GHSP colors to send: Red 02, ultramarine blue, crimson 01, flesh 08, an extra jar of thinning medium and some brushes. I also have some eyes, eye lashes, several colors of mohair and Lainey, Shyann and Blaze kits. (lIke so many of us, I have way more stuff than I’ll probably ever be able to finish). LOL I also have wayyyy too many onesies so I’m sure I can add some to my package.


Right here is fine. This is where everyone is keeping track so we don’t send her tons of the same stuff. :wink:


Good deal :+1: I will probably crochet her a little bonnet or something to send along with it.


OMG!!! You guys are awesome. I don’t even know how to begin to thank you. I am just overwhelmed with things and my brain won’t stop this will help. Again all you ladies will get a very special thank you from me. I see these posts and I cry happy tears. Again THANK YOU from my heart.


I noticed your Daughters address is in Redding how are the fires in that location now? Is it safe to send things now or would it be safer to wait a while until the fire threat has went away? I have not seen any news on the fires lately because of all the flooding in the north east now.


The fires are as of now out of Redding. Things are going back to normal it’s now mainly the process of cleanup the Carr fire is now 61% contained the hirtz fire is over 50% contained and the hat creek fire is in trinity county I believe. Right now I actually can see some blue sky and shadows on the ground. I keep praying for rain so that no one else has to be in our shoes. A lot of homes have been destroyed and a lot of people displaced. But people are being so kind and helpful which makes all this a little easier not much but a little. I am so greatful for what everyone is doing and that me and my family made it out. Literally we only had 5 minutes to grab what we could and go. It was like a crazy movie flames chasing everyone leaving and only one way out. Some people had to stay in the fire and be covered with fire blankets. Again I’m just thankful for everything and everyone’s


This is my grandbany she told me today that she was going to build me a pink castle and put ice cream all over it so it won’t catch on fire


How precious !


Now THAT is worth “getting out safe” for!!!


How sweet! Don’t you just love thier innocence!


She is beautiful! And, what a thoughtful little girl.


Yesterday I received some supplies and stuff in the mail. I just want to say THANK YOU. I can’t wait to get started. As soon as I got the packages my heart melted and tears of happiness came strolling down. You ladies are sooo sweet. Again I don’t even know how to express my gratitude. Thank you.


Mailing out my box today. :blush: