Hair rooting tutorial


Could I please have a copy too? Thank you!


I would like a copy two my email


@kimomax - has anyone tried to private message Kim about the tutorial?


I tried to post it directly to this thread so you can just download it but apparently, the BB forum only allows you to attach image files and this is a PDF.


Thanks for trying, Carmen. Kim is too busy to respond to this thread right now and doesn’t mind if ladies that have it on their computer would share it with others. I have it and will send to the recent requests this weekend.


Please send to me


I have emailed this PDF to all requests made in 2016. I am assuming that the 2015 requests have been fulfilled.


@pia I would love it too💖 my email address
Thank you so much.


Thank you pia I got it !!


thank you I got it two


Thank you,I see it in my mailbox.


Kim, could I also have a copy? Thank you! This is so nice of you! My email is rhodag40@


Me to please: Thank you


I sent it to you with the first group. I have now resent it. If anyone that has requested it has not received it, please check your “spam/junk” and request it again if you don’t find it.


Thank you, Pia


Pia, I would love a copy. Thanks so much!


Thank you


I would really love to have a copy of your tutorial. Thank you. My email is


I also would love to have a copy of your tutorial many thanks …


Pia, thank you.