Hair rooting tutorial


I know many people have my latest rooting tutorial. I know the post for it is within someone’s thread, so I thought I would make a separate link. I do not have a website and the only way I can share it would be for me to send you the file. It is a PDF file. So, just drop me a message with your email and I will get it to you.


Oh wow, that would be neat! How much would you charge?


Hi Kim I dont think I ever got your tutorial. I could use help around the hair line, my address is


i would like your rooting tutorial my email is


I would love to have your rooting tutorial. My email is marsharond@yahoo.comMary


woo hoo me too kim! my email is


I will get to all requests this evening. I will also send a message here to let you know I emailed it.


Me too please! Thanks!


I would love to have that tutorial too Kim and thanks so much.


I would like your hair rooting tutorial too kim. Thanks Linda m ,my e-mail is


Kim please send me a copy too.


I’ve received it and I think it’s great! I just wish I could actually achieve the results you do…

I’m a horrible rooter and I’ve recently found out I’m an awful hair-painter too.
I’m fated to bald babies as I find most wigs too artificial looking.


How wonderful of you…I would love to try your tutorial.
My email is
Hugs, Kym


Everyone who has requested a copy of the tutorial should have it. Please check your spam, as several have found it there. My email is:

Please know that I do not claim to be a pro by any means. I feel that I have mastered the swirl and a good hair rooting pattern. I am constantly working on the front hairline. I have shared this with hopes that people will find bits and pieces that will help to improve rooting.

Thanks for taking an interest.



I’d love to have it, too, please!
Thank you!


Just me babbling again----I generally use needles between 40-43 gauge. I have used crown needles and like them but find that they seem to wear out quickly. As for rooting----I started back in the years when rooting was from the middle. I have continued to it that way. It works for me. I have found the key is to have quality mohair. In my tutorial, you will see me rooting from the middle. You would root the way that works for you. The important part is following the direction that the needle is going.

If anyone is having trouble with rooting and would like help, just send a pm and I will be more than happy to guide you through.


Kim - I would love to have the tutorial. The hair rooting is definitely where I need to improve. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge My email is


Dear Kim, I would love a copy also. Thank you so much


I’d love to have it, too, please!
Thanks for sharing


Kim, I would love to have a copy, too. Rooting has never been my strong suit. My e-mail is Thanks!!