Hair rooting tutorial


@pia thank you so much. I kind of dreaded the search for it. I have two portable drives plus about 6 jump drives. So, I really appreciate it.


THANK YOU PIA AND KIM!:+1::heart:️:smiley::smile::clap::muscle::kiss::wave::heart:️:+1:


Would you please send me a link?

Thanks so much!


Please send to me. thank you so much.


Could I get a copy of the rooting tutorial? If so my email is


I really need this tutorial as I’m new to reborning and about to micro root my first baby!! Thank you so much for offering it!! My email address is


Hi Kim I would love to have your help. My email is
Thank you, Jan


I’d very much like the tutorial, as well.
Thank you!


Are you selling your tutorial for rooting our were you giving it out. I would like info on it please.


Eu tambem gostaria muito,


Would like one please
Thank you!


If it’s still available, I’d love to have a copy.
Thanks so much!


I could really use your tutorial if it’s still available.


Would love to see it as well :slight_smile:


I would love the rooting tutorial also


This is from 3 yrs ago.

I bet @kimomax roots much better now and maybe even differently.


Thank you Kim that’s so sweet of you. Thank You I need a lot of help in this.


I would love the tutorial my email is


Wow This is so sweet of you. My email is Thanks


I would love one !!