Hair rooting tutorial


Thank you Pia!


Everyone to this point should have received the PDF.


@pia I would love a copy too please and thank you!


pia i did not get it sorry but would like it please thank you :slight_smile:


I sent it again. Please check your “junk” . Sent it to: that you posted above.


I will send it now. First time for “ymail”!


thank you i got it :slight_smile:


Pia, can you send me a copy too?




Thank you so much, I got it !!!


I would like a copy please. Thanks in advance.


@pia Thank you, I got it and I needed it badly!


Would greatly appreciate a copy!


Wow. This must be an awesome tutorial, this thread is long. I would love to give it a try if you can spare a moment out of busy life…I know there are not many spare moments so I do appreciate it.


I sent to and because I had never heard of just Hope it arrives!


Thank you so much! It worked. It really is :grinning:


Pia,could you please send it to me.


would anyone be so kind as to forward to I’ll update this post if/when I get one. :slight_smile: <3


@4everbabies and @jeepers - PDF has been sent.


Thanks for sending me a copy @pia very much appreciated.