2018 Portrait Baby Challenge!


We are going to have a Portrait Baby Challenge! It’s going to be super fun!!! The contest is open to everyone, no matter your skill level, so please join in!

To enter all you have to do is email me two pictures, one of the real baby and one of your portrait reborn baby. The real baby can be a baby you know, or a famous baby, or even a character baby!

Please note this is not a swap, just a contest with pictures:)

Please do not post the pictures on the Bountiful Baby forum, but feel free to share them elsewhere so they don’t have to wait until after the contest to be sold. To keep it fair photos that have been shared in the past are also not allowed, sorry for any inconvenience this might cause!

Please email all pictures, along with your screen name and kit name, to me at amarantinebabies@gmail.com. I’ll send you a confirmation email so if you don’t get one please resend your pictures.

There will be 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place winners! All three will be given a logo that they can use on their websites/Facebook page, etc. The first place winner will also receive some beautiful mohair from Golden Fleece Mohair by @rainbowbabies (.50oz Wavy Kid mohair- Natural Strawberry Blonde), and an awesome crochet blanket from @anne! I am not in charge of the physical prizes, so you will need to contact these awesome ladies to claim your prizes. @rainbowbabies has agreed to pay shipping to the US or international. @anne has said she will pay US shipping, or split the cost of shipping if the winner is international. Logos will be posted here on the forum!

Enter anytime from now until Thursday June 14th by end of day. I will then post a poll for everyone to vote for their favorite portrait baby! The poll will be open for one week, and then the winners will be announced!


I love getting my mohair from @rainbowbabies! It is beautiful, high quality, and is awesome to root with! Here is her website and Facebook page:


Here is a picture of the mohair the first place winner will receive from Golden Fleece Mohair!




Thank you so much for Hosting @Babies and @RebeccaKatie
Now I have to decide on a Portrait or Character baby.
I like the deadline - straight to the point, no worries.


@RebeccaKatie has decided to enter the contest rather than help me host. There is really not too much work involved anyway, so it works out just fine:) I will not be entering since I am hosting.


Some questions I received and the answers:

Since this is a portrait baby are Alternatives welcome? -Yes
Does the size of the baby matter? -No
Can it be a cartoon character? -Yes

This contest is pretty much open to whatever you want, as long as it’s a portrait baby:)


Awesome! Going to look into what I’m gonna do for this one. :smiley:


Really excited! I’ve never done one before!


I thought a portrait baby was a doll made to look like a photo of a real baby. Wouldn’t that exclude alternatives and cartoon characters?


I think it is more like the reborn you make and the picture of the person/character you tried to recreate

That way the alternative painters can join too. They don’t get to join many swaps or contests


Thank you for hosting and to the wonderful ladies donating prizes! I look forward to seeing everyone’s babies :purple_heart:


I guess I am using the term portrait baby loosely:) Maybe look-a-like would be more accurate? I wanted to give everyone as much freedom as possible to create what they like. Also, I like to simplify things, and giving a wide open category like this makes things simpler on my end.


Thank you for doing this and to those donating prizes. I’m in.


I’m so excited! I already know who I plan to recreate, and the kit I’ll use (and I already have the kit in my stash, woo hoo!)


I’d love to take part, I’m in the UK if that’s okay?


I will need to do this too. Thank you so much for being willing to take this on. A big thank you also to those donating prizes


@Tashaj I am editing what I posted.

it has been brought to my attention that I may have been wrong. I said PM her… but her instructions say:

Please email all pictures to me at amarantinebabies@gmail.com I’ll send you a confirmation email so if you don’t get one please resend your pictures.

So email your pictures to @Babies at amarantinebabies@gmail.com
Before the end of the day on the cut off date of JUNE 14th


Great, thanks, sounds fun.


Sounds like a lot of fun to me, I want to participate on this one also.


Thank you for that, I’ll save the information.