2018 Portrait Baby Challenge!


This sounds like fun , thank you to the ladies donating and hosting.


Absolutely! This contest is open to everyone worldwide! :slight_smile:


“To enter all you have to do is email me two pictures, one of the real baby and one of your portrait reborn baby. The real baby can be a baby you know, or a famous baby, or even a character baby!”

@Babies Can the pic be an adult character to be reborned or does the character/portrait have to be a baby?


Could this include new members? …I might.


Yes, this is for everyone!


I was wondering the same thing.


Can the pic be an adult character to be reborned?

Sure, why not? :slight_smile:

Can this include new members?



Thank you for hosting this. I can’t wait to join in the fun .


Ok thanks! @Babies


Hi sent you an entry did you get it??? Thanks


My entry is in also.


This is great! I can’t eaitvto see everyone’s entries! I love when groups do fun things!!!


Can you all send me your screen name in your emailed entry? Thanks!


I did, thanks Shera!


Hey awesome ladies, I just want to remind you that, as per the original rules, if you have shared this portrait baby on the Bountiful Baby forum you cannot use it for this contest. Sharing it elsewhere is allowed, in order to not interfere with sales. Sharing it here, either now or in the past (I’m sorry that the original rules were not completely clear with that, I will go edit that now) is not allowed, so please double check where you have shared your photos. Thanks so much!!


I have decided to enter too , this should be fun !
I have to finish my entry and have the clothes made. :grinning:


I might do this since it isn’t a swap and I happen to be one of those disgusting smokers I have read so much about :stuck_out_tongue:
I have a challenge portrait and kit in mind so it will depend on if I get everything timed just right it helps I don’t need to send an entry until later .


You totally should!! :slight_smile:


It will be fun to see all of the entries even if one isn’t mine I have always enjoyed seeing the swaps and the challenges on here .


I’m excited to see all of the babies too! I hope you do join in!