Your VERY FIRST reborn baby!

Hi Everyone! I would LOVE to see pictures of your FIRST reborn! So I created this topic to post photos of you first reborn baby!

This is Skyler. Denise Pratt’s first reborn! :slight_smile:


This was a first for me - - - A Berenguer (I still love those dolls) made using stencil creams.


She’s adorable! Beautiful work!


Well mine was quite horrible but here goes!


Mine was a Berjusa 17" preemie that turned completely bruised from the internal purple wash. The year was 2003…oh how far we’ve come. I kept the sad little thing around for a long time and a few years ago one of my daughters quietly found him and put him out of my misery. =) He did have a cloth body made out of a Prilly Charmin body pattern and he was painted on the outside with oils and stencil paint. Back in the day I thought he was fantastic. I’m so glad I stuck with this craft and have watched it evolve into what it is today.


My first babies were Berenguers that I painted for my granddaughters and a niece for Christmas 2011 - Followed by a couple of Zoe kits by Secrist and then BB Sam and Sera.


I had an issue with a computer that crashed last year when I was operating under my first Nursery that was run by my 12 year old daughter at the time. She and I used to work on babies together,she could paint and root and I thought it was amazing, now she only collects and demands that I make her a baby every few months. lol This is one of the first babies we created. I have been able to find some of our work around the



This was my first baby Honey.


My very FIRST went straight to the trash, back in 2002. I kept at it, though, so here are some of my very early babies, wigs, oil paints, and all…seems sooooooo long ago now!

And then I did an article for Doll Crafter Magazine on this new art of reborning, that was 2004 or 2005…here are Will and Felicia, named for my younger brother and sister:


Love those Berenguers


My first was a very cheap China knock off kit, I know what you are thinking, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t terrible at it before I bought a real kit. I promise I will never buy a cheap knock off again.


My first and second time I had the Denise Pratt video up on my laptop in front of me the whole time. I am now on my sixth doll and I am finally getting comfortable with it and trying new techniques. But I would still be lost if the paints weren’t mixed and numbered for me already.


Okay everyone, I guess it’s my turn, this is my first…I didn’t think it was that great but here she is :smile:

(The birth announcement was originally made for the eBay auction but then I decided that I may just end up keeping her! Lol.)

Yup…I still have her…Lol! My two year old Jaden LOVES her! I’m pretty sure he knows it’s not real… Lol

(@calimel Here it is! :smile: )


Thank you. Yes it was, but I watched Denise’s tutorial videos a few times before starting and while painted lol.

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I haven’t tried adding a photo since the site changed. My first one was Paisley. She was painted with Bloomers and Bows air dry paints and had hair from my cousin’s llama dyed with human hair dye. I sold all my “first” babies or gave them away until about my fourth or fifth. That one is from the Lucy kit which makes a great boy or girl. I actually rooted it with my husband’s hair from a few years ago when he cut off his ponytail. He has really fine hair. Of course now it has grown back and he is refusing to share it with me… The photo of Paisley is really blue but here she is


I am beyond impressed!

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Thank you @pia! I did have some wonderful tips and suggestions from Denise and Jenni Pratt while reborning her. :smile: LOL! I watched Denise’s Tutorial DVD several times actually, before even attempting! Lol!

I have lost lot of stuff when my computer died recently. As it was getting slower and slower, I quickly saved (or so I thought) what I could on some USB sticks , only to realise later that not everything saved. I ended up with whole lot of empty folders! :frowning: I lost some irreplaceable photos, and the rest I do not know exactly whee is what. But I did find these 2, they were pretty early, The African was only partly rooted in that moment.
It is bit complicated anyway because to start with all what I wanted was a very pretty doll; I did not want veins or imperfections. I wanted peaches&cream complexion.


and another one

and Luca


Oh @ludmila!! I’m so sorry about your computer dying! That’s terribly sad to have lost some photos! The ones you’ve showed are very nice though!