Workspace pictures

I thought it might be fun to see each others workspace. I work in the living room right in front of my giant window. I can’t seem to get good light anywhere else in the house. The hubby built a desk for me right under the window. We do have a huge living room though so it works out. I store some of the baby clothing in a dresser in my room, my daughters closet, and a few bins in the basement. Anyway, here is where I paint. Yes, my desk is messy but believe it or not, I know where everything is. I have a ton of cosmetic wedges for all different things and I started making the paints I use most in big batches and storing in jars. My drying rack sits right next to the desk on an ottoman that I store misc. baby things in.


Sweet setup. It’s nice that your hubby welcomes your hobby in the living room. You don’t have to feel isolated that way. BTW - what is the glowing orange blob to the right of the desk?


How cool!!!

Hmmmm…glowing blob??? A scent warmer???


Looks almost like a salt lamp.

I used to work in the living room too. Now I am in the spare room I one end of the computer desk lol


Right now I just use my kitchen table. We’ve only been in this house 6 weeks so I’ve not got a set place yet. When we get bar stools I will probably make that the kitchen table and the table will just be for dolls lol


I sooo wanted to ask that!! LOL


My little corner of heaven on earth :smile:

All nice and tidy after finishing swap baby. Guess who’s next…


I don’t have a picture right now but I too have my art table set up in the living room, the place where there is enough room to have a setup, and a large window is over the work area.


Lol. It’s a salt lamp. Suppose to clean the air and improve mood. I just think it’s pretty.


is that a Chinese Crested??? I love those little fellas :slight_smile:

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OMg…so cute cute cute :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that a salt lamp on your desk too?

Yes it hooks into my USB port on my computer lol

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Neat! Have you noticed a difference with the air or your mood?

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Here’s my workspace. Right now I’m working in my room on a dresser. Well “working”, kinda on the forums too much LOL.


My work space is in a corner of the basement storage room on an old workbench. I have a little space heater. I store my stuff in bins and on shelves where I store other stuff too. :smile:


@Kate I cant really say that I have but I don’t have it plugged up all the time. I’ll plug it back up for a while and see LOL.


Here’s my new redone craft room and baby work space.

@wispywillowrebo, Here’s my closets. You have no idea how glad I am that you turned us on to those closets…I LOVE THEM!!! I went with a different brand because I wanted black, but they’re basically the same as yours. they really hold a lot of stuff and are surprisingly sturdy for being just fabric.


I love your space!

Thank you. I’m going to try to get it set up this weekend with my back drops and stuff.

I had a little powder puffy crested named Boone (he’s now at the rainbow bridge). He was such a sweet little boy.