Real born bodies with attached stocking

Oh you put everything inside the stocking polyfill and pellets? OK, Before I tied the sock I shoved polyfill inside the body. On the very bottom and along the sides. Then I tied the top of the nylon pushed it inside the body and then filled the stocking with just pellets. Until the very end, I topped it with poly.

It was challenging… That top pic where I have the stocking up to my elbow is me sticking the polyfill around the bottom and sides. I thought it was going to be a closed nylon pocket or cup inside the body to hold beads. But it’s open my hand went completely thru the neck to the crotch area.

Yes, I put everything inside and it worked well. Sill had a nice fill. I just rotated and adjusted poly fill and glass beads enclosed in knee high. It’s a small body so worked well and sold the next day

It reminds me of how you were stuffing your body inside the nylon on your video. This body already had the nylon attached .

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I’m gonna try it…sounds easier. I can see how the weight of the glass beads would stretch the nylon out better. I used the poly pellets just trying to figure it out. Not too much stretch with those. I was just trying to keep the two separate.

Yes very cool idea!

Thanks for the demo. I need to try mines.

@marleeton, I’m as confused as you were. This looks so…bizarre.

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Hi everyone!

The body is intended to be stuffed like normal through the opening of the nylon. Make sure the nylon remains on the outside of the body while stuffing. The nylon is then tied to seal the stuffing inside. The nylon itself is not intended to be stuffed, but just to seal off the opening.

We will be posting pictures soon on how the new body is intended to be stuffed. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



I think they got it from you…lol.

??? Confusing!

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I’m confused, too.


Lol, they did it that way last year at ROSE for the Rosebud class… I think that is where the idea comes from.

So ignore the stocking part… it opens into the body (I assume the shape of a whoopie cushion)

Put your stuffing and weight bag through the stocking into the body like normal… then tie the stocking when done.

Bare with me :wink: (and I am possibly wrong because I didn’t make it and don’t have one… but this is what I think you do :wink: )

Here is a ROUGH idea



Thank you so much! That really has helped me :heart:

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Sounds like what they are saying but if that’s the case,I don’t really need them.


I agree but I see the benefit in a class setting with young kids/artists, so they are not pushing stuffing out of the holes :wink:

Yes,I agree it will be good for young artists.

Makes no sense to me. If the stocking part isn’t supposed to go in the body, it makes it sound like it’s just a way to keep the stuffing from coming out the neck opening. It’s hard enough to get everything in there without having to stick your hand and arm through a stocking too. Does anyone have that much trouble with stuffing escaping from the neck opening???