Layette box round one deliveries 😁

That was nice!

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You guys are so wonderful you are such caretakers so thoughtful :kiss: mwah!


Yes! I’ll start another post. We need to decide the basics for the next box. This one went smooth. I say let’s get this next one started asap. :slight_smile:


Count me in


Oh he looks so cute !! So glad you like everything :slight_smile: Thank you Israel for modeling -auntie T is so glad you like it :heart:️:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Here’s the sign up info for the next round :slight_smile:

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Sign me up

Fill out the questionnaire on the other post and send it to me in a message :slight_smile:

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Ok I did it can you make sure I did it right ? This is my first one

Got it. Looks good. Thanks

Canada Post finally came through, haha!! My beautiful box arrived!!! Thank you SO SO much @mommarobin - everything is so beautiful and ridiculously soft!! My partner has just dressed her newest baby in the sleeper and it feels so nice. The colours are beautiful. And I was just talking about how we really need a cute winter hat!!!

Thank you again!!! :blush:


Super cute !! Love that hat :heart_eyes:

Glad it finally arrived! Good thing I mailed early :wink:


Yay nice, that hat is adorable!

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I was waiting at the door! Thanks @Ledbetterlittles Feel better soon. Special thanks to @Katinafleming for the beautiful dress. I can’t show the baby that it is for because I may user her for a challenge but as soon as I paint her I will post a pic!

I received an amazing box which consisted of Blanket, Dress with bloomers, moccasins, 2 headbands, Fox leg warmers, Cat Onesie, Mickey Mouse diapers, Giraffe Lovie and a paci with a leather paci clip.

Click on pic!

@Katinafleming the box arrived open. I don’t think anything is missing though.

Thank you again!


Uh oh. It doesn’t look like anything is missing. Thank God. :wink:
@Ledbetterlittles we miss you! Get healthy and get back on here asap. :heart:


Love it all! Beautiful colours!

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Thanks! It is prettier in person!

I got my box today! Thank you SO much @Katinafleming! I have to wait for tomorrow morning for pictures because it’s so dark in my house, but I’m so excited to share. This was an extra special box for me because it’s all beautiful things for a kit that I’m making next that wears size 6-9mos and I had NOTHING in that size! :heart::blush::heart::blush::heart::blush:


Can’t wait to see!