Genesis Paint Not Curing

I got a petite jar of ultra marine blue genesis paint from MacPherson and noticed it wasn’t curing. I paint primary so I’m not mixing my paint colours. I did red, yellow and blue layers and noticed when I was doing my creases that my blue paint was wiping off so I baked again. I tested with a q-tip and water and still the blue rubbed off. My oven is getting up to temperature and holding consistently. The red and yellow paint cure and the blue doesn’t. When I wipe it is pure blue that wipes off. I baked about 5 more times for 10 and 11 minutes each time and still the blue rubs off. I opened a new 1 oz jar of blue, also bought from MacPherson, and same thing, blue doesn’t cure. I’ve tried the blue on test parts with and without thinner and neither cures.

Anyone else run into this problem where all your paint sets except for one colour? Is it possible to have bad paint and could I be unlucky enough to get two jars of it?


Yep this same thing just happened to me with Pyrolle red 02. It drove me nuts and even caused me to buy a new oven. I am really sad thinking that this is going to be a really big problem for a lot of people in the year to come. We are just the first two unlucky ones that I’ve heard of. And if others have bad paint and they don’t find the problem, and seal the doll without it cured, there are going to be lots of upset customers to come as well :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Mine was from BB for clarification. I mad a post about it here but it was a petite jar so I didn’t formally complain. Had it been more expensive I would have.


All of my paint is pre-pandemic, but I am wanting to buy some colors that I do not have. This worries me a little because I saw an artist on Facebook also saying this was happening. I don’t remember what color she said it was or where she got it, but it sounds like this is something that has occurred at the factory that makes Genesis.


This is assuring me that I am not crazy but also very worrisome! When I ordered a heat set varnish from Secrist they refunded me saying they were out of one of one of the components to make it and couldn’t get it because of the pandemic. Maybe genesis has tried to reformulate to compensate for a component they are having trouble getting?


I am wondering the same thing. There are several videos on Youtube about changes in the formula of colored pencils since the pandemic. Not Prisma, but some brand I never heard of and Faber Castell.


Maybe you should let BB know there’s a problem. Or the Genesis company.


I tagged BB in my post but got no response. I could email them but it would be hard to go back and figure out the exact order it was from.

I opened a ticket at MacPherson. They said it was the first time they heard of it and their only suggestion was to mix the paint well.

I emailed someone from the Genesis website and haven’t gotten a response yet.


Yes worries me too. Now I have no blue paint and I’m worried if I order again it won’t be any better.

I am surprised that you are the only one that has said something as I find it hard to believe that you got the one and only problematic blue and Aly the only bad red. Hopefully, you get some help from the company and we can figure out what is going on.


I’m guessing that some might not even realize what the issue is. I have a petite and a 1 oz jar that won’t cure. I wonder if MacPherson fills the petite jars themselves since it’s their own sticker on it. Maybe they filled the petite jar from a larger jar that was the same batch as the 1 oz jar I got? I ordered the petite jar before I ordered the 1 oz jar.


That’s really unfortunate. I hope that you ladies are able to get working replacements as soon as possible. I also hope that you hear back from genesis.

I bought a little jar of earth mint from BB in December but I’ve yet to test it due to health issues. I’ll give it a go in April or so, unless I’m cleared to paint again sooner.


I bought a black and an ethnic brow that I’m going to test. From now on I’m going to be testing all my paint as soon as I get it even if I don’t need it yet. I don’t think MacPherson will send me a replacement since I ordered it in November. I was trying to be proactive and order my paint before I ran out. Now I’m left with no blue and can’t paint until I buy a new jar.


Try They may have some of the old batch.

I’m in Canada it probably isn’t realistic to order one jar of paint because of shipping fees. I’ll check it out though.

I don’t see genesis on the website. Do they normally sell it?

Sorry, my mistake. It’s that has them.


Do you have any of the old blue left in your stash to try? Just to rule out that it is this batch of blue. I only have a petite jar otherwise I could have shared. I am pretty sure Macpherson’s fills the little jars themselves from a bigger one

No I don’t have any left that’s why I had to start using my new jars. I’ve used two separate jars bought at two separate times and neither of them work. But if they fill their own jars they possibly could be from the same batch anyway.

I did that very same thing with my pyrolle red 2. Tests 4 and 5 were my old batch with 2 different batches of thinner. The others were my new batch with different thinners. All baked on the same arm