Do you think this baby's skin tone looks light latino?

Hi there ladies! I had an artist send me pictures last year when I was trying to figure out which twins I wanted. She said it’s light latino which according to her meant she is biracial (hispanic mixed with white.) I think the baby is cute. I’m not sure which kit it is. I was just wondering about her skin tone. The artist who sent me the pictures is currently not reborning anymore. So anyway here are the pictures:

I’m not the artist. One of my friends says she looks white and I just wanted a second opinion. I’m not trying to put down the artist in anyway.


If the baby is given dark brown hair the skin tone could work as a light Latino but I still think the skin tone should be a little darker from my own experience.


I think it all varies depending on our own skin colors as well. I was working on my Amelia kit the other day and thought… “Man this kit is still really pale…” Then looked and realized it was actually already darker than me. lol

But Next to my husband who is half Filipino mixed with pale German… my kit looks too pale. lol

For this baby I would say I think it needs a slightly darker tone… but then again it is pretty colorful compared to the white on the blanket… :wink: So maybe just hair choice would determine it.

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This baby could go either way. Latin skin tones are all over the map. I am as pale as a person can get, but because of my features, in Puerto Rico, people immediately speak Spanish to me at 500mph because they think I’m Puerto Rican. Lol One of my neighbors is from El Salvador and he is almost as pale as me, just with yellow undertones. Then there are those with dark skin… Hard to say anything based on skin tone.


My daughter would be considered “pale Latino” I guess, because she is half Latina and half white. Her skin tone is definitely darker than mine, but maybe about as dark as that baby. However, I think her skin tone is less yellow than the baby looks, at least in those pics. Here is a pic of my daughter for comparison, if it helps.


I would go a bit darker. Imo.
I made this baby and consider her pale Latino. Biracial.


I think it depends, especially for a mixed child their skin color can be all over the place. I once had a toddler in daycare who had a mom with very dark skin and a dad who was very pale. The little girl was super pale, blonde hair, blue eyes, the whole package. She did, however, have the facial features of her mom.


I am super pale English/Irish and married to an Egyptian .Our baby was white when born and only now has a little yellow/ caramel skin tone his hair has an auburn tinge as well. He is whiter than my mum lol

And now


I love that pic of him standing up smiling, @Shosho. Looks like he could have made a nice kit for us. :rofl:


Aww thanks lol only just found it on google photos backup lol can’t believe how pale he was x


The kit is Evelyn Brace.

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Thanks ladies! I was also wondering about this skin tone too:

I like it too.


@Bec1273 your daughter is adorable !!!

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Your daughter is beautiful!

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Your son is adorable!

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Looks good to me !!! I love the tone

This one or this one?:

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I think the top one looks dark Latino. The bottom one is darker that what my kids are and they are Puerto Rican/ecuadorian. It all depends in what are you looking fore

this are my kids and me.
I normaly match my dolls to my skin. This is my Ellie Sue she is a little darker than me.

My Annie was my color a little darker than my daughter.

I think that doll is just missing hair and detail. After that she is a common Hispanic color.


That for me is a dark Hispanic.


Thank you hun