ANNOUNCEMENT about this forum

PLEASE NOTE: Bountiful Baby does not “own” this forum any more than Bountiful Baby “owns” Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or any of the other common social media sites. We do not own the software, nor do we host this forum on our hardware. The software is owned, operated, supported, and hosted by “” and/or their partner company “Discourse Hosting”.

The ONLY control we have over this forum is the control afforded in the normal Administrative controls commonly available on any social media site. It is otherwise not ours to control in any way.

Using those controls, we can control who is allowed to post here. This is similar to the Facebook “Friends” feature where you only allow “Friends” to post on your Facebook wall. We can, and do, use that feature here.

Using that feature, this forum is only intended for the use of Bountiful Baby customers. About once a year, we have in the past (and will continue in the future) removed accounts that are not from current Bountiful Baby customers.

Effective today (12/26/2020), you must be an active Bountiful Baby customer to sign up for an account on this forum.

Thank you,

Nevin Pratt, CEO



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Cool! Thanks Nevin!

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Thank you!

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Sounds good thank you for your explanation. :footprints: :baby:

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Yes!!! THANK YOU, Nevin!! :blush:

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What a wonderful gift. Thank you Nevin! This will help tremendously with spammers as well as the occasional troll.

Wishing you and the entire Bountiful Baby family happiness, prosperity, and continued good health in the New Year and beyond.


Thank you for the explanation :heart:

Thank you for letting us know!

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Sounds good to me.

It sounds like it will keep the forum a bit more safe.


Thank you

Thank you !

Thank you! Hope your family had a great holiday :heartbeat:

How often should you order to keep your account? I don’t order very often due to shipping costs to my country. I’d hate to lose my account because I haven’t ordered in a while.


The same here! I love the forum but unfortunately cannot order very often


I’m from the UK, I can’t order from BB because of custom charges, believe me I would love to be able to afford those costs because BB has so many more kits available than we can get here, so am I to loose my account?


I am in the UK too and can’t order due to custom charges but I read that the UK will be able to do a trade deal with the US with the new Brexit deal so hopefully that means no or much lower custom charges (and shipping cost?) which would be frankly amazing!

I don’t make actual reborns but I do use the supplies to make dogs and dolls and would love to be able to order from BB as they have way more stuff (especially eyes) than we have and I’ve had so much help and advice from the forum. I don’t want to lose my account :frowning: .


Following this also because I don’t want to lose my account. I haven’t ordered from BB in a LONG time, so I’m wondering how current your account must be?


I am from Paraguay, and for me it is also very difficult to order followed from here or from anywhere else, the costs for me are super high and that makes it impossible for me to order all the time, that added to the fact that I am a new artist and everything is more difficult , This forum is really very useful for me since I am learning I hope I do not lose my account, I am quite worried :pleading_face::broken_heart: