What is your most dreadful step in the whole reborning process?


@Summer & @2layz I am sure that your customers appreciate all your efforts very much. Little things like that make a box opening moment is an extra special and sweet :heart_eyes:.


I hope they do. I take pride in my work and think the presentation is just as important. People pay a lot for these beautiful babies and they deserve to feel good when they unpack them!


The mottling and creases. And lately lips. I can have a perfect paint job and ruin it with bad mottling, creasing or lips. And those used to be my best skills lol.


Well, we can just have issues together :crazy_face::blush::two_hearts:


So today… finger tip blush and eyebrows :confused:
I just went through all prototypes pics of the 3 kits I am working on and only one shows actual eyebrows… LOL
Not helpful. :wink:


Lets go ahead and add assembling to my list… I always buy the string bodies and just add my own zip ties and I have spend 20 minutes trying to thread the tie into the body only for it to get stuck each time. I have read about dolls going into a pond well the doll body is about to go in a pond! And I don’t even have a pond near me!!


Kimberly has some tough eyebrows to figure out!


This may or may not help you, but I hang mine in a closet separated by sizes. I put a divider at each size to know at a glance which size I am looking for. I have Cottage Cheese tops to cut a slit and a round hole in the middle to put between the sizes, but a person could use cardboard, or anything handy that will work.


I buy the stringed bodies too. I’ve found that when it gets stuck most times if I pull the zip tie out and fish it through the other direction it’s much easier. Sometimes I have to cut the seam. But then if so I fix it up. Makes it go faster. :kissing_heart:


And I will say it again. The eyes, the eyes, the eyes. Does anyone have tips for eyes and eyelashes? I am just having a fit with it!! My last one went alright but the lashes on the inside are peek out around the eye. Boooooo


Hi i was just wondering if it would be ok to use https://canada.michaels.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-MichaelsCanada-Site/en_CA/Product-Show?pid=M20000199&cgid=Categories on reborns?


Definitely #1 worst is eyebrows #2 would be lashes and eyes for open eyed babies #3 is blushing all the fingers and toes ugh!


Eyebrows and creasing…not sure which I hate more


I think a person could use anything they wanted for their doll, but I wouldn’t use those unless I were making an alternative baby of some kind. It is sparkly shapes, if I understand it correctly. I guess it would look as though the baby had some kind of tattoo or something? Anyway, just my opinion.


Okay what do you use ?


Creasing ! Ugh!


I almost peed my pants! Classically funny! :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:


Nikki IS a funny girl. She always makes me smile/ or laugh :slight_smile: :joy:


It’s rooting now lol!!