Victory Dance!

Celeste’s eyes are open and it was EASY! I didn’t ruin her. It took about two minutes of “holding my mouth the right way” as my hubby says and she was peeking out at me! Hurray! She’s had her bath and I’m getting ready to seal the head. The limbs are ready to go. I’m standing in the starting gate!


Alright you go girl, you seems so happy. I’m happy for you, Now get her done and show her off.

Thanks Dee.

Yay!!! I had to laugh at your phrase

Wow, is it just me, or is this forum not working properly? It took forever to load.


AWESOME!!! I’m opening eyes later this afternoon :smile:

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It’s not just you…the pages are taking FOREVER to load these days. I’ve been getting frustrated and just closing it instead of waiting.

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I’m having similar problem. We had storms blowing thru here last night and today so I kinda thought that was the issue not to mention were on a sati lite and that sometimes is the issue for me.

It was working great early this morning, but now it’s taking forever to load.

Way to go Helen!!

Woohoo… so happy for you Helen! The struggles in life make us stronger… bet your feeling like you could take on the world… high fives :raised_hands:

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Congratulations! Doesn’t it feel good when something new and scary that you try goes perfect.


Woohooooo! SOOOOOOO glad it worked for you…Can’t wait to see your little one in the line up…know she will be adorable!!!..

Last night it was awful. Plus, I posted a reply and it added it 3 times! Weird, huh?

YAY!!! You’re on your way!!! :smile:

Haven’t touched mine since I got her the other day, other than opening her eyes. BUT…her eyes arrived yesterday and fit GREAT in there, so I’m excited to get started on her soon as I finish Lulu :blush:


YEA!!! Way to go, Helen!!! :smiley:

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How are you going to secure the eyeballs?

Twehert, it depends on which kind I end up using. I ordered some soft ones to try on her, and I have some of the flat ones. If I use the flat ones, I’ll glue them to felt and then glue them in carefully. If I use the half rounds, I’ll probably use E-6000, then silicone in back of them, and then maybe still felt over that because they have to take occasional pressure. I done this before and it worked great. The hard part is keeping the eye clean. I suspect I won’t try to root lashes, but who knows. She/He may scream “I need lashes” and then I’ll try.


AWESOME!!! So happy things worked out!! I can’t wait to see the finished baby!!!

Me too, JackieJo. By the way, I used to write stories about a character named Jo-Jack, so love your name on here. Maybe I should invent a daughter for Jo-Jack and steal your name, LOL.

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