Update on Annika, Kissy, Madelaine and Mollylee Mini Toddler Reborn Vinyl Doll KitSet set


Anyone ordering these new kits from Marita?


I see possibilities here but I’m waiting to see some prototypes. I wish you could buy just one.


That’s what I was thinking. I want to see some finished kits. It says the straight legs can stand on their own which is nice.


And they come with eyes, which is also nice.


Yes, I saw that. Macphersons is not offering eyes with theirs. I checked Marita’s website to see if they would be cheaper there but they are not listed


There are listings for just one. @Anne showed me :slight_smile:


You can buy them separately


Yes, They are separate but I just showed all of them together


This is on the listing under the pics


Pre order payment is only $10 for separate kits too


I think they would be a big hit with kids… I know most of us don’t make our dolls for kids but my 9 yr old would LOVE them. It would be like American Girl dolls kinda and they could use the large shelf doll houses and such. She really loves the “brownies” and the snail coming out soon too.


Yes, I was thinking it would nice to have these type sculpts. I would love to make one to stand on my desk in my office. Secrist has the dolls but much bigger and look pretty dolly to me. I believe kids would love these and they are reasonable too. Can’t wait to see some completed ones so I can have more of a vision


They’ve got cute faces, but something about the proportions look off to me. The necks seem too long maybe?


Too wide to me but dressed may be cute


Maybe because they don’t use cloth bodies, they had to make the neck longer. Hopefully when dressed it will all come together, lol


That’s what I thought… something looks off


Thanks. I didn’t see that.


ME either :wink:


I like Mollylee and Madelaine. I think the necks look too long because these size kits are usually micro preemies and these are mini toddlers.


I was thinking that, too. But couldn’t put my finger on it. Just seemed off.