Traveling Pants Round 3


Tag me too. I love this game. :grin:


Exciting Update!

I’ve had the box for a while and I’ve gone through each item, reconciling it with my spreadsheet. I ordered some special things to add, and I made a few as well. Tonight I packed it all up to go to the post office tomorrow, but not before I lowered the prices on more than half of the items in the box! I want to see people get HUGE hauls, and I really want to make sure that you’re getting a great experience along with some great deals that will make this worth your while, despite the high shipping cost.

I can’t stress this enough: if you see something that you added at a reduced rate, it’s not because I think you priced it too high. I did not see a single item that I thought was overpriced. I only marked items down to keep things moving in and out of the box and to give our buddies some great deals. :slight_smile:

Get ready for a great round!!!


Is the lineup posted?


Great idea! @ashleyfox98


I’ve decided not to post the line-up again. When I did that with the newbie box it caused some confusion when participants had scheduling conflicts and I had to make some changes.

Here is a list of participants in no special order:

@NaneeBabies, @DollyPardon, @Kate, @colee1970, @cajuncuties, @Miss_Kitty, @ATrinket, @evelyn, @Simone, @Renauta427… (Continued)


@AnnDee66, @babymaw, @angfay, @nikkiroc


The box is going to @evelyn first (based on location), and evelyn will be shipping to @NaneeBabies. :slight_smile:


As always, if anyone has any upcoming dates that you won’t be home, please send me the dates in a message, I’m happy to make adjustments. :slight_smile:


Is that more people than usual?


Yes, because this box has moved along so smoothly, and with no real problems, I added more people.


Yay, glad its on the move again!


Me too, I’m excited!!


I’m so excited!!! I’ve been anxiously awaiting my turn!


@ashleyfox98 did I miss sign up time. Add me wherever you can.


I’m going to make the newbie box another regular box once it gets back to me, so the next sign-ups will be sooner rather than later. :slight_smile:


Really excited and ready to start.


You’re so awesome @ashleyfox98!!! I’m not goi g anywhere until January this time!’ Loool


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Tag me too thanks


Yay! So excited it’s on the move again!