Traveling Pants Round 3



My first time!!!


The box has been shipped! Tracking number: 9505514788928268273324. :slight_smile:


So excited!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I should be getting the box on my birthday!!


Well Happy Birthday! @evelyn


Yay ! Happy Birthday packages


Very cool! My birthday is Friday!!


Happy Birthday to you too !


Happy Birthday to both of you:grinning::birthday:


Happy Birthday to you also! @ashleyfox98
I love September birthdays there are so many of us. Mine was the 20th,


Happy birthday to you @Anne!


I’m excited to see the pictures!


Happy birthday!

Mine was on the 1st(I was sick ugh still managed to have some fun)


Happy birthday @evelyn and @ashleyfox98 :kiss::heart:️:grinning:


I think a patient, easy-going hubby kinda goes along with the territory :smile: Otherwise, I’m sure I’d be single :wink:


Happy Belated Birthday @ATrinket I got sick after my birthday, lol!


No, that’s not true. I have the exception to that!


Happy Birthday! Can you please tag me?


Sure thing!


You’re absolutely the exception to the rule :hugs: Always such a luminous light to others :innocent::sunny::rainbow::yellow_heart: Like I mentioned the other day YOU ARE :sun_with_face: WHEN :cloud:’s ARE GRAY :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


I love you @Summer. I meant my husband is mean and not tolerant. If he didn’t hate everyone and everything, I might actually be offended that he hates me and my doll stuff. But… I’m not offended at all!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: Can’t steal my sunshine!!! :star:️:star:️:star:️:star:️:star:️:star:️ I love reading about all the hubbys that are so cool and helpful and supportive!!! I’m happy you have them, and I’m happy I have you guys!!! :kiss::heart:️:grinning:
Some people are just unhappy souls I think … and others??? Maybe… way to happy??? Crazy universe trying to balance?
I don’t know… but I know I want to wake up everyday and be excited for the great things the day might bring!!! So far… nothing, but I’m hopeful!! Hahahaha