Traveling Pants Round 3


Lmao!!! I LOVE that stuff! It makes eyes look amazing!!! And lips and nails! :kiss:


I was never even asked what was in it. She weighed it, I said I need priority shipping, she said okay. :slight_smile:


I have not joined In on a round yet @ashleyfox98 however I LOVE this thread and hope to soon join a travel (when I’m back to reborning) but as I suggested before for us who follow the thread the pictures are nice but it would be nice if people listed the items they took


Another thought… with the box getting so heavy and pricey… it may be worth checking fedex and ups costs. You will still get tracking, insurance and delivery in about the same time.


I wonder if once it’s gets heavy we could split the box in twos and start another round? Not sure if that makes sense or if that would even decrease the cost. But I do understand the shipping does increase over time.


Not to worry, I will be downsizing and lightening the box before it goes out. The stuff that I pull will be used to fill in the newbie box, and the stuff that I pull from the newbie box will balance out the original box.


Boy do I know how it feels to long for a VERY sold out kit. I want Sunny by Joanna but she’s sold out everywhere except on ebay where she’s been marked WAYYY up.

I will say about the contents of the box- I mostly have clothing to put in(I have a nice collection) as it’s what’s most readily accessible to me, I also have a kit and some small things. I wish I had more artist things to put in but I don’t even have a proper set-up for myself yet(and I paint in Acrylics).


That’s great, the box is currently a bit low on clothing! :slight_smile:


I’m having travel box let down.


Will this box wait for the newbie box? Don’t want to spoil any surprise but it’s plenty in the newbie box!


Is everything ok


No, but I have clothing to add to balance it out. :slight_smile: I went online shopping and got some really cute stuff to add.


Oh no! What??? Why???


There is no box to watch for right now lol


I’m aiming for next Tuesday to get it off to the next person for the next group. I have a couple of orders that I’m still waiting for. :slight_smile: Plus a couple of handmade goodies that I’m finishing up…


Is there a list of the order for the next round yet? I’d like to see what number down I am.


I would love to be added to the list whenever you get the next set going :slightly_smiling_face:


I want to join :wink: Let me know if I am in the wrong thread for sign ups


Please add me in too!


You ladies are in the right spot, but sign ups aren’t open right now, I’ll tag you when it’s time. The box goes out tomorrow to the next group. When we get halfway through, I’ll have the next sign-ups. I’m thinking of keeping two boxes going ince I get the newbie box back, but limiting participantion to those who are established members and the new people that have already participated in the newbie box. (I hope that makes sense.)