Traveling Pants Round 3


We are twins… Lol. I have enough projects to get me through 3 lifetimes and honsetly its hard to even step into my supply room! Its pretty sad. :joy:


The box is heading to California next! I’ll post the tracking number once I get it.


@Satinysilke, the box is on its way to you next! :slight_smile:


Please tag me on your next round I had so much fun when I was in one of the last ones! I am bummed that I missed this one!


Ok thanks! So excited!


Hope all the fires don’t cause any issues going to Cali. Thanks for the update :slight_smile:


The box is safe coming here. There are no fires where I live.


The box is on the move again!



Woohoooo! It will be there on Friday!!!


That box is gaining some serious weight what you been feeding it :smile:


It has been well fed! Only the good stuff!! :slight_smile:


I’ve been checking the tracking on the box and it was still in Illinois as of 3:48am. I wonder why?


Are you in Illinois? :thinking:


Nope. I’m in California


Oh!!! Then shoot!! That’s not a good thing then. Maybe the system is just slow on updates? That happens a lot.


That’s what I’m hoping. I see that a lot at work.


It was supposed to arrive today and when it didn’t I checked I was suprised to see that it was still in Illinois. Maybe it will arrive tomorrow.


I’m already crossing my fingers for you!!!


That’s what I’m hoping too. The IL scan was at 3am, so it’s had all day to travel since then.


I’m sure it will be there tomorrow!!! Why are the most important things always late and not early??? :weary: