Traveling Pants Round 3


I sure did make my neighbor laugh! If I can bring joy into someone’s day I will gladly throw my back out. :joy::slight_smile:


Just ordered another pack from Ebay. Now I can go into my craft room and immediately find the first pack. Oh well, nothing will go to waste. Just more to add to the next traveling pants box. :joy:


Not me.


I’m working on my craft room now. My daughter said I can’t believe you are fitting all your stuff in there.
Computer, Jewelry, Sewing, Doll dressing area, Ironing, Reborning and a Table in the middle for working on. The yarn is in the hall linen closet and the photography will be in a Workshop outside of the house. I also have a roll away bed in here, lol. Almost finished putting it together.


@heartstringsnursery I love your room!


Thank you! Everything is packed away now for the move. Right now I have zero crafting supplies available so I’m kinda going thru withdrawals.


Same boat! I haven’t unpacked my craft room yet after moving… I am not letting myself until I get the bottom floor in order. I haven’t reborned a baby since a month before moving, have not unpacked my doll room… yet, I keep buying stuff!!! :weary:


I know the feeling. I have not painted a reborn since May - 3 months. I am not moving any more! I am going to get back to painting in August sometime, lol. The sooner the better!


Yep, I keep buying stuff, that keeps me sane. :upside_down_face:


You moved? You no longer live in Hell? Congratulations!!!


It’s beautiful! You have me beat.


Yes!!! I escaped!!! Every day is now a blessing!!! It’s not often one escapes the depths of hell and lives to talk about it!!! Haha EVERYTHING is better living in America!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


When is the next sign up? I wanna play


Congratulations and you go girl, buy all those baby clothes! Grandmas prerogative especially GREAT grandma!


Oh my I am in love this is so amazing, It would be so much fun just looking through all your goodies with you! Too bad us reformers are so far and few between lol. At least we can share here :blush:


Reborners no reformers lol


I’ve totally taken over two rooms of our house with doll stuff and painting. In theory one room (where the crib and cradle and dolls and doll stuff take up all the space) is a guest room. And the other is our odd little room at the front of the house that should be another bedroom but doesn’t have a closet so we can’t call it one. I use it for painting and assembling and an office. It’s got a sleeper sofa and the baby room has a twin bed/day bed, but neither are very guest friendly. Fortunately my DH is very tolerant! Maybe we need a bigger house too!


2 spaces in a home if it is not a huge room is really almost a necessity isn’t it. Funny you mention your DH I was talking with my hubby about our lil conversation here and he said hey you need to mention how patient us husbands are. Willing to read a book in the car for hrs while you shop etc. So we definitely need to send a shout out to all the patient DH’s out there lol


@ashleyfox98 sorry to keep asking but where is the box heading now? If you can’t tell I am excited!


I was giggling to myself about everyone’s craft hoards! I can totally relate, and my Mother is the same way. I jokingly call our craft rooms our craft stores! I frequently call her when I can’t find something I need and ask if I can go shopping in her craft store lol.
I’m one of those people that sees all of these fun DIYs on Pinterest, buys all of the supplies and then never gets any further than that. I also buy so much fabric it is ridiculous, but hardly ever sew… It is an addiction I think!