Traveling Pants Round 3


Right. It may not updat until 6am CA time tomorrow. We will see.


I know. I was waiting on the mailman and when he handed me a tiny box, I felt like I was being pranked lol. Oh no false call! It was only custom made eyes lol.


Think of it like an appetizer!!!




I was actually really surprised when it said it would be there by Friday even with 3day priority they cannot be held to that and my experience with shipping to California it usually takes a good while. But I don’t usually ship priority just first class. So I sure hope it arrives tomorrow because I remembered how excited I was waiting for it :slight_smile:


Ok. It’s at my post office! Yay!


It just updated with an expected delivery date of today.




Our finger crossing worked!!!


I got an “Out for Delivery” update as well. :slight_smile:


So cool!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


It’s here!! I will let you all know what I picked as soon as I can get to it today. I’m so excited!


Yaaaaayyyyyy!!! I’m excited for you!! :smiley:


Can’t wait to see!!!


You have a lot to go through lol have fun!


I keep checking in to see!


Me too! :slight_smile:


@Satinysilke,did you find some things you like?


Ok everyone, I have picked out some goodies from the box. I will snap a picture of my final selections when I get off of work later today. This was really fun!


Just got home. Will be posting pics shortly!:slightly_smiling_face: