Traveling Pants Round 3


My box already arrived woohoo!!! Happy dance and lots of smiles!




I was able to really enjoy going through the box, so much fun! I have a pile of ‘definitely keeping’ and a pile of maybes… when I return home i will make my final choices. This is a sneak peak of a definite keeper I snapped just before leaving for services :heart_eyes::gift_heart:


Glad I put it in there!! I loved it but didn’t use it. Hope you enjoy it


It is a style I always drool over, was so excited to find it in the box! Thanks for your generosity :grin:


So exciting!


Okay, here are my final keepers, that was so so fun, even more fun than I expected! I took a pick of the pile lol then some closer shots.


Now the really fun part, putting in lots more goodies!


Glad you had fun and found some things that you liked, @Reefbubbles. :blush:


I was going to order rooting needles too, woohoo


Love the blue sweater set.


That was one of the items I was also in love with. Didn’t even have to think about that one :laughing:


You got some great items! The blue knit sweater set is gorgeous


Thanks for the compliments on sweater set. I made it. I think Reefbubbles took everything I put in there!! I loved doing the traveling pants! I will do it again.


So FUN!!!


Best clothes!!! Yay!!!


I was thinking the same thing lol, same great taste lol. Being a fellow crocheter I saw the value in that beautiful blue set, not just dollars. Even better now knowing you made it yourself!


Clothes aren’t always a bad thing, my own closet is evidence of that :grin:


Clothes rule!!! I can’t get enough!!!


I would like in a future round please!