Traveling Pants Round 3


Funny, that’s exactly how I feel lol! We are all excited for you have fun!


How do I play? How much does it cost each person? :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


You let Ashley know you want to join. You usually use things that you already have. Not saying you can’t buy something to add. I did that yesterday because I use something with every doll I make was in the store so why not put something interesting in right lol.


When it’s time for the next round of 10 people, I will post a sign-up discussion. I also try to check this discussion and tag the people who have expressed interest. :slight_smile:

You can put thing into the box that you already have and are not using (although I have purchased some things, especially at the beginning to give the box a variety) and you take out an equal dollar amount to what you added. The only money that you are required to pay would be the shipping.


Here’s a more detailed explanation of how it all works:


Now that it’s my turn, of course my mail is late. :joy::joy: I see this was shipped UPS. Is this working out to be cheaper than USPS?


This is the first time it’s been shipped by UPS, so I’m not sure.


It arrived!!! Waiting for my 4 year old to go to bed so I can look in peace. :grin:


Yay!! I’m happy it arrived. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see what you think.


I actually got to do some digging. Nice things in here! I will decide 100% tomorrow when I don’t have “help” and will go through my stuff to see what I can add. :grin:


I ship with ups here in town because it’s so much easier to get to than the post office.


Have fun with the box!! I loved doing this!


@ashleyfox98 since I am now in a house would it be ok to send an actual address instead of the PO Box? If it will confuse things then just leave it as is. Thanks.


No problem! Just PM me your address and I’ll update my spreadsheet. :slight_smile:


I made my choices! 3 outfits, one pair of eyes, one pair of barefoot sandals. Packed it back up with more than I removed. Hope whoever is next finds something they like. :slight_smile:


The box is on it’s way to you, @Reefbubbles. All 14lbs and 8oz. I could hardly close the box. :grin:


I really enjoyed going through this box. It was like a reborners yard sale showed up at my front door. Lol But more fun than that because it was more personal. I know the members here, so it was cool to see items that some people made, their taste in clothing, other little knickknacks. Very enjoyable experience. I would participate again… In fact, I should. I’m actually sitting here now thinking of additional things that could have been added to that box. :blush:


I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! :smiley:


Oh how exciting I am all ready with lots of goodies to add. I love your description a Reborn garage sale at you front door! That’s a Reborn era dream lol…come true😍. I will keep everyone following as I alway do updates!


It is predicting end of day Monday. Doing lil happy dance😁