Subjective art

I see so many people here talking about how to make a reborn “right.”
But I want to remind everyone of one thing. As kindly as possible of course. :smile:
Reborn doll making is art. There is no right or wrong way to do it.
There are ways to create a more realistic baby. And vinyl lends its self to specific paints best. For a better over all look.

But its expression. And that has no rules. People rip each other apart for doing it “wrong.” but there is no rule set that says a doll must be made a certain way.

That said. People have a preference. And that’s fine. Absolutely. But it doesn’t mean those who fall outside that preference are wrong.

Unless of course they are being misleading in some way with the sale of the doll.

Stop getting caught up in rules and regulations and enjoy it for the art it is supposed to be. :purple_heart:


Well said!
I think that’s why I enjoy making alternatives. I can make up everything and don’t think about how I ‘should’ do things. It’s much more enjoyable.


Exactly. I am so tired of people ripping artists dolls apart over some made up arbitrary rules.

Do people do this to artists who paint on canvas? Nope.

Why are doll artists subjected to it?


Yes…art is subjective…but sloppy art should not be. Hidden ‘mistakes’ should not be either.
Big difference between interpretation, i.e. painting style or rooting style and paint pooled into creases for instance.

Photos that deceive are not a good practice to use as a seller. You should use crisp, clear and CLOSEUP photos.

A customer has the right to know exactly what they are buying.

That being said…a customer needs to be AWARE…ask questions…ask for detailed pictures…get any and all information they feel might be pertinent before making said purchase.

There are responsibilities on both parts that need to be met.


I agree and that is why there is a definite price difference. Art can have what we feel are flaws there is no perfect art. We just have to appreciate what everyone does.


I agree with everything said so far in this post. When SELLING “your” art. Just make sure your customers are clear on what they will be receiving as far as your personal style is concerned. The buyer is not walking through a gallery, they are trusting you to represent your piece of art in its full honest glory that you should be very proud of. As a BUYER it only makes sense with “any” expensive purchase that you do “your” homework. If someone doesn’t want to show you some aspect of their art, be wary as you would in buying anything, if someone is acting fishy about something you don’t give them your money. Getting caught up emotionally happens but as responsible buyers we don’t let it carry us away and make expensive spontaneous purchases. When we do, we know deep down inside, shame on me for not doing my due diligence before spending my hard earned money.
(I am not of course talking about outright thievery of course)


There are no rules but there are standard practices. That is with any Art not just Reborning. People who simply slap paint on a piece of vinyl are not artists and they are not reborns. A reborn is a realistic interpretation of a real baby (not talking about alternatives here) Everyone sees money signs in this art. So they think they can simply pick up a vinyl kit, pick up cheap walmart paint and make a reborn. That is not art that is a get rich quick scheme. Doesnt pan out well for them nor for the unsuspecting customer . Now, if a person chooses to paint with acrylics and actually does a good job at it that is a different story all together. Doesnt matter what medium is used. air dry, powders, ghsp, acrylics if the results are a life like baby. And no I dont want to hear well some people like it that way. LOL no they dont like thick caked on paint hair that has been rooted with a fork but in this industry people are quick to blame the consumer and not the producer. That is wrong.


Sellers should always disclose the full photos of a doll. Absolutely. As I said in my original post.

That being said. This art started with store bought babies who were stripped. We used to cut open the mouth for a pacifier and used sand to weight them.

Sure it evolved. But that doesn’t make still doing those things “wrong.”

I simply think that if someone is making dolls. They should be given the freedom to do it how they choose. Outside of lying.

Unless they ask for critique and help of course. I know many artists who’s babies are not conventionally “right.” but they love making them. And that’s all that should matter.


Industry standards in reborn dolls have changed just like things change in other areas of life as well. Once it was ok to weight a doll with sand and cut the vinyl. Now it is not considered top quality work according to acceptable standards in the reborn doll world. Now you want to still do that and you disclose it in your listings for sale and buyers are aware and want to buy it then fine. However, it is NOT considered top quality. That is not subjective art. That is an issue of highest quality. I think the reason reborn dolls are subjected to higher scrutiny is because they are not entirely art. They are also a product that could be considering a consumable goods of sorts. People do not buy them to hang on the wall and look at like a painting or sit on a table just to be seen. People want to hold them, dress them, view them and have an experience with them that mimics that of holding a real baby. For that reason, there are standards that will be used to judge them. If they do not pass those standards for endurance, visual pleasure and realism then they will be criticized. You can get all offended all you want to but it doesn’t change the reality of what it really is.


I agree! For some, using vinyl gloves inside a doll to hold glass beads is unacceptable. I don’t take offence to that but when I sell on I know that my dolls might be overly ‘loved’ by a child. I do not want all that love causing the beads to work their way out of a cloth sack and the body- possibly being eaten or inhaled. So, I disclose that in my listing and people can choose to buy it or not.
There people who paint with very high color (like the baby has been beaten black and blue) and that is not my taste but others love it and those dolls sell as much as a softer painted doll. In that regard this ‘art’ is subjective.
Dolls that have bad creasing, splotchy or dirty paint jobs, thickly painted dolls (in a chalky way), etc is just poor workmanship. I’ve seen people on here wondering why their dolls aren’t selling and they seem to think their work is up there with the $350-500 range babies but they clearly are not. Maybe beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I am my own worst critic. I sell my BB dolls for under $300 and they aren’t terrible but they also arent perfect.


JMO I use the best products I can get for all my dolls, BUT in the end, you only have to please yourself and your buyer… totally agree art is in the eye of the beholder, not in another artist’s view :slight_smile:
We all like something different, find your own style, ignore critics, and your buyers will fine you , promise <3


I also use non latex gloves to hold weight material. I tried the stockings and they tore over time. The gloves hold up.


have you ever tried the trouser socks BB sells? they are wonderful, strong and thick, for holding glass beads… forget the price, but you get a lot of them for not much $$$


I use these only.

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That made me laugh so hard. Were you talking about me? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I wasn’t talking about your painting but the painting style that you mentioned you liked; that made me think of that type of coloring. I received one in a swap and it frightened me up close…just not my thing.
Edited to say: I don’t mind alternative dolls with lots of color. I’ve painted custom zombies for customers before. But I don’t care for regular reborns that look bruised.


You know I was just making light with you! I am not that sensitive when it comes to dolls that I like. I am sorry about your Swap baby though. :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::relaxed:


You are haunted by that doll!’ Haha I sometimes like the high color… I want to add one to my collection… but not the one you received… that was sooooo horrible!!! Funny AND scary!!! Honestly…terrible. I’m sitting her laughing remembering your box opening!!! You poor thing!!!


What a great advertisement @nikkiroc! Now I want to see that baby so badly, @Sony72 !

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Yup, I remember too. I get that it’s a “style” that people like but it looks like an unhealthy, bruised baby if overdone. Like one step away from a gory zombie doll. Not a fan. I do get that people like that style and that’s cool for them, I don’t mind seeing them every now and then. But I don’t “get” it, I don’t get why that would be an appealing baby to have. But again, everyone has their own taste and that’s fine. Nothing wrong with having a style. I’d say most people don’t seem to like my style of painting so I get it. The “thing” right now seems to be super pale babies with very little color just blushing and a very peachy smooth tone. Nothing wrong with that either, but I also don’t like that style much.